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Dorken Delta green roofs a way to fight climate change

08 of December '21

Dorken Delta green roofs a way to fight climate change

Global warming is a fact of life, and it's getting worse every year. Dörken Delta Folie Sp. z o.o. , as a company aware of and committed to shaping the future, promotes the use of green roofs as a form of offsetting the effects of climate change.


Niepołomice Observatory


Indeed, in addition to creating a friendly view, it proposes a number of additional advantages that the installation of a green roof brings:

  • high water retention
  • higher value of the building
  • protection for waterproofing and a barrier to fire
  • reduction in the effects of extreme temperatures and the influence of other atmospheric factors
  • longer life of the roof
  • healthy air
  • binding of dust and harmful substances
  • natural air conditioning.

Garnizonowy, Wrocław

Garrison Church, Wroclaw


Dorken Delta

Dorken Delta's green roof system solutions come in the form of both extensive roof s consisting of dry-loving vegetation requiring no special care (e.g. sedums, rockeries, ornamental grasses), and intensive roofs needing more attention. The latter type of system allows the use of large plants, dense lawns, as well as trees.

Szkoła Filmowa,

Film School, Gdynia


Dorken Delta membranes have excellent water storage properties, and thanks to their unique 20 mm high bucket design (Delta Floraxx), they act as a water reservoir to support vegetation.

A free rainwater retention calculator for plumbing designers has recently been developed, which greatly facilitates the work by allowing to easily and conveniently select the right green roof system solutions for the designed buildings. This platform is gaining popularity among both those planning larger and smaller investments. We also encourage you to check out this tool:

For more information, visit the company's Dörken Delta Folie Sp. z o.o. page on thePdA portal.

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