DÖRKEN's new roof standard. Improved DELTA membranes with a warranty of up to 30 years!

31 of October '22

DELTA® roofing membranes

Membranes are one of the most important components of roofs, so their long service life is especially important. The company Dörken Delta Folie Sp. z o.o. has improved its DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-FOXX PLUS membranes to create products with maximum resistance that will last the lifetime of roofs. Thus, it has increased the warranty period to 30 years, creating a new standard for the quality and durability of its products.

DÖRKEN set itself the goal of creating materials that would last the lifetime of a roof. The newly developed DELTA generation of roofing membranes offers resistance even in the harshest conditions for a period of 30 years, setting a new standard in their quality and durability. They provide even greater safety and lasting protection from water. During the work, the company also succeeded in identifying a previously unrecognized problem, namely air movement over the membrane, which causes them to age too quickly. The new material composition introduces greater resistance to this aspect, ensuring full durability, through a proven test method used by DÖRKEN and offered by independent testing institutes (an integral part of the EAD for roof membranes).

With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing and testing high-performance pitched roof membranes, we have been able to thoroughly test our products and improve them to perform their function for a very long time. Dorken's 30-year durability guarantee, confirmed by an appropriate document, sets a new standard for the reliability of our products

- says Piotr Pytel,
DÖRKEN Delta technical advisor and expert.

30-year durability guarantee

DÖRKEN's extended warranty assumes that DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-FOXX PLUS roofing membranes, when properly installed, will reliably perform their function, i.e. water tightness, for up to 30 years. The new offer will go into effect early next year. As part of it, DÖRKEN assures its availability if, despite professional installation, there is a problem with DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-FOXX PLUS products. The company will replace defective materials as needed and provide professional product installation.

This innovation sets a new standard for DÖRKEN's long-lasting roofs and provides even more security for their use. With this generation of membranes, users can be even more confident that the materials used will last the lifetime of the roofs.

For more information, visit the company's Dörken Delta Folie Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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