New generation of roofing membranes. Dorken organizes product portfolio

13 of February '23

A new generation of membranes has been added to Dorken's portfolio with the beginning of this year, using groundbreaking research results on material aging under roofing. The company has updated its portfolio with new product types DETLA-XX PLUS and improved versions DELTA MAXX PLUS and DELTA FOXX PLUS, which are available with a 30-year functionality guarantee.

Dorken has developed a generation of membranes that are the first on the market to resist the newly discovered factor of air movement under roofing. As a result, the products have the longest durability guarantee to date, 30 years. In connection with the technology created, Dorken has updated its product range, replacing products with improved counterparts and adding materials from the DELTA-XX PLUS series. The existing assortment includes refreshed versions of DELTA MAXX PLUS and DELTA FOXX PLUS, as well as the all-new DELTA-XX PLUS HEAVY, DELTA-XX PLUS STRONG, DELTA-XX PLUS UNIWEVSAL and DELTA-XX PLUS LIGHT, which address specific construction needs. You can now get acquainted with the company's updated product range on Dorken's website.

Nowe membrany dachowe

New roofing membranes

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Products tailored to specific needs

Dorken's new products have been developed to meet specific construction requirements and builders' needs. The developed DELTA-XX PLUS® LIGHT is an economical solution for insulated pitched roofs without formwork. It is ideal for projects with low budgets, but still provides safety and full functionality. DELTA-XX PLUS® UNIVERSAL, on the other hand, is a more versatile product, distinguished by its light weight and flexibility, which is suitable for pitched roofs both with and without formwork. DELTA-XX PLUS® STRONG, on the other hand, is characterized by high mechanical resistance, so it withstands harsh weather conditions and provides a high level of safety, even with large rafter and batten spacing. Another option is DELTA-XX PLUS® HEAVY, which is a combination of layers with different performance. It is ideally suited for use on boarded roofs and is also suitable for use directly on rafters.

New solutions were also used in DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-FOXX PLUS membranes, which were already available, but were improved after a new factor affecting material aging was discovered. The first product guarantees maximum performance. Thanks to double adhesive strips, the sheet can be rotated during installation, saving up to 30 percent of the material. This means minimal waste and thus lower costs. With this solution, the work is also done faster and safer. DELTA®-FOXX PLUS, on the other hand, is a product that can withstand even extreme weather conditions. The membrane is non-flammable and at the same time contains a lotus effect, so rainwater is drained away faster.

- Our membranes come with a 30-year functionality guarantee. We were able to develop them thanks to Dorken's discovery of a new factor affecting the aging of the material. It turned out that air movement under the roofing accelerates oxidation of the polymers contained in the product. The solutions we have introduced respond to this problem, which is why the membranes are even more durable," says Piotr Pytel, technical advisor and expert at Dorken Delta.

Quality confirmed by ETA

The quality of the developed products has been confirmed by ETA (European Technical Approval) certificates. This is one of the most important markings that a quality, modern membrane should have. It testifies to the compliance of the product with European Union standards and confirms the reliability of the newly developed solutions. For builders, it is a guarantee that the material will withstand the period declared by the company and - according to the assurances - will protect the structure against heavy rain, wind or extreme temperatures, among other things. Dorken's updated products have been verified with this in mind and provide maximum safety.

Dorken Delta is a leader in innovative products and system solutions of the highest quality for pitched and flat roofs, arranged also as green roofs. It specializes in the area of roof and façade membranes, as well as comprehensive accessories. It is a family-owned enterprise with 125 years of tradition. It currently operates internationally, with branches in 11 countries and numerous sales representatives. Dorken has been present on the Polish market since 1992. It is the most preferred partner among retailers, traders, architects and contractors in the field of sloping and green roofs. Dorken Delta's differentiators are innovation, quality and concern for the environment.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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