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Insulation systems and facade materials of the highest quality from DRYVIT SYSTEMS

04 of December '22

Dryvit insulation systems
offer a great many aesthetic possibilities, both standard and decorative. Below are sample proposals. More information about the aesthetic effects offered by Dryvit Systems is available at

Trwałość kolorów
przy HBW<20

Color fastness at HBW<20


HYBRID - colorfastness

Hybrid plaster is the quintessence of the best features of facade plaster. It is highly resistant to impact, cracking, dirt and biological corrosion. It has a beneficial effect on maintaining the optimal moisture content of the building envelope. It also has a self-cleaning effect. The plaster comes in 7 textures with grain sizes ranging from 0.6 mm to 2.0 mm. It is praised by contractors for its ease of application. Thanks to its suitable composition, including the use of high-quality StratoToneTM pigments, Hybrid plaster provides color fastness even for dark colors at HBW<20.

Tynk Stone Mist T

Stone Mist T plaster


STONE EFFECT - create color for your project

Dryvit decorative plast ers have appropriately selected multicolored aggregate, which gives a natural stone effect. Ameristone T and Stone Mist T plast ers additionally contain mica flakes, thanks to which the building shimmers with subtle reflections. The polymers contained in the plasters make the facade very durable. It is resistant to mechanical damage, UV radiation and the growth of microorganisms. The basic color range of plasters shows their sample color possibilities. We create new colors on an ongoing basis, matching them to the vision of the project.

Efekt stali
kortenowskiej z zastosowaniem materiałów Dryvit

Weathering steel effect using Dryvit materials



Combining the fine-grainedLymestone textured plaster (0.6 mm) with Demandit Metallic paint and Tuscan Glaze stain allows the insulated facade to be varied with elements with a weathering steel effect. Depending on your vision, you can achieve a more or less matte effect in appropriately selected shades.

Efekt betonu
z zastosowaniem materiałów Dryvit

Concrete effect with the use of Dryvit materials



By using Dryvit's fine-grained standard plaster with Freestyle texture (0.6 mm) and appropriate divisions on the facade, we can achieve a facade effect with the appearance of architectural concrete in the ETICS insulation system. Applied to the surface of the plaster, Tuscan Glaze stain will further emphasize the non-uniform color of "concrete".

Dryvit Systems USA (Europe) has been present in Poland for more than 25 years, producing top-quality thermal insulation systems and facade materials that exceed current standards in many aspects. The brand's wide range of solutions provides unlimited possibilities for architects and investors. Dryvit has introduced insulation systems to the Polish market, based on its solutions the Building Research Institute has created guidelines for the evaluation of insulation systems in Poland.

For more information, visit the company's DRYVIT SYSTEMS USA (EUROPE) Sp. z o.o. page on the PDA portal.

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