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Hunter Douglas ceramic and aluminum facades. Large-format and extravagant

04 of December '22

Architecture reflects the "spirit of the times",
is shaped by modernity, artistic and cultural trends, and therefore stands at the intersection of tradition and modernity, established and progressive order. The design idea and the structural methods used, influence perception, create a message and make an impact.

In this regard, visible architectural attributes go far beyond their functional meaning, and the facade is more than the outer shell and protection of a building, it is more a form of expression of sensual content, emotion or programmatic or pragmatic message.

Rondo Shopping Mall,
Bydgoszcz, produkt 84R

Rondo Shopping Mall, Bydgoszcz, product 84R



The needs of "unlimited options," so evident in many aspects of life today, also influence and inspire us as a facade manufacturer. Large-format elements, unusual and extravagant shapes, curved panels and baguettes of different radii, a variety of panel cross-sections and the availability of many corner solutions, are limited only by construction needs, transportation and logistical considerations.

Lincoln House
Deansgate, Manchester, produkt Terrat Large i Terrart Baguette

Lincoln House Deansgate, Manchester, Terrat Large and Terrart Baguette product.


At NBK, constantly new ideas and ambitions of architects encourage us to develop new solutions that result in unconventional products introduced to realize innovative projects. Modern surface finishes, beading, fluting, sandblasting or grinding, glazing, special sintered or engobe coatings, a variety of cross-sections and dimensions are just a few examples of our highly diversified range, not to mention a range of colors including almost all shades and metallic effects. The resulting virtually unlimited wealth of design options ensures that façade ceramics are a strong attribute of the modern design world.

Centrum Biznesu Ku’damm-Eck Berlin, bagietki ceramiczne Terrart Baguette

Ku'damm-Eck Business Center Berlin, Terrart Baguette ceramic baguettes


The wealth of shapes and visual effects resulting from experience, expertise and modern production methods mean that the option of using a natural, organic raw material, with its exceptional strength and longevity, has freed itself from almost all limitations. Whether classic or modern, a ceramic facade in its original natural state or with 3D effects - the result is always unique: a durable, easy-to-maintain building with its own character and individual look.


The lightweight aluminum open facadesystem gives architects the opportunity to design a cladding that creates a streamlined, elegant and dynamic finish to a building's facade. The open systems, typically made of linear panels, allow light and air to pass through while maintaining excellent acoustic properties.

Steinway Tower, New York, NBK Ceramic, © Lisa Logan

Steinway Tower, New York, NBK Ceramic, © Lisa Logan


For more information, visit the company's Hunter Douglas Polska Sp. z o.o. page on PdA.

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