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Modern Gerard AHI ROOFING sprinkled roofing tile

07 of February '22

A global manufacturer of sprinkled roof tiles has introduced a modern flat-textured sprinkled roof panel to the Polish market. The profile fits into the canons of modern construction, in the layout of the so-called Modern Barn and energy-efficient construction. Until now, the company's "hallmark" was mainly, perfectly imitating the appearance of wooden shingles - CORONA sprinkled tile, which was most often used in Podhale.

Panel z posypką Eleganta

Elegant sprinkled panel



For the segment of manufacturers of modern houses and energy-efficient, so-called passive houses, GERARD has prepared a dedicated roofing material - ELEGANTA sheet tile with rock sp rinkling. The rectangular shape perfectly harmonizes with today's desire for simplicity and beauty. ELEGANTA is characterized by high air tightness, which saves energy, and its application is possible on roofs with a pitch as low as 15°. Excellent weather and corrosion resistance is achieved thanks to steel coated with an alloy of zinc, aluminum and magnesium of 250 g /m2 (provides protection for the steel core). The combination of 93.5% zinc, 3.5% aluminum and 3% magnesium creates an extremely stable barrier that is unmatched in the steel roofing industry. A specially selected stone sprinkle provides an attractive textured finish while enhancing UV resistance. The acrylic-based sprinkle is applied using a hard-coat technology consisting of a mineral binder and lightfast pigments. Cured at high temperatures, it provides long-lasting resistance to roof aging. The final clear acrylic glaze is applied before curing in the oven, so the product can withstand the harshest conditions around the world.

Panel z posypką Eleganta

Elegant sprinkled panel


Gerard ELEGANTA sprinkle roof

  • Tight and lightweight coating
  • Can be installed on any type of substrate, insulation
  • Stone rock sprinkle protects the sheet against sun rays and excessive heating
  • Fully compatible with all available window systems
  • Attractive, modern appearance
  • Fully anti-corrosive, even in coastal strips
  • 50-year warranty.

Panel z posypką Eleganta

Elegant sprinkled panel


Gerard Roofing Systems tile collection
8 models.


This is a tile with a coverage area 10% larger than AHI Roofing's existing products. This saves the customer on labor and roof trusses. The unique shape and ease of installation encourages the use of this type of roofing on large roof slopes.


It is chosen by customers who appreciate sophisticated English elegance, as well as the unique harmony of the roof and building facade. Unique color combinations and the classic shape of asphalt shingles give the effect of exclusivity and originality. The modern method of production SENATOR ® shingle guarantees the highest quality and durability of the roof.

Panel z posypką Corona Deep Black

Corona Deep Black sprinkled panel



It resembles wooden shingles. According to many Zakopane architects, it is currently the most favorable covering replacing traditional shingles. The durability of a roof covered with this profile matches that of ceramic tiles, and unlike wood shingles, it does not require expensive impregnation every few years. It is appreciated by owners of Old Polish styled houses from all over the country.


It is characterized by the traditional shape of the ceramic tile - marsylka. Due to its light weight, it does not require large cross sections and dense rafter spacing like much heavier ceramic or cement tiles, which saves wood and money. GERARD Classic® tile fits in with traditional architecture, whether it's an addition to an existing building or replacing a deteriorated covering.

Panel z posypką Corona Chestnut

Corona Chestnut sprinkled panel



It has the classic shape of a tall German-type tile and gives the impression of a heavy covering. The shadows arranged on the waves of the tile give the roof a refined look. The product has won recognition in southern Europe: especially in Italy, France and Hungary. Its weight is only 7 kg / 1 m.


Ideal for customers who appreciate the look of a "plain tile". Additional embossing on the back of the panel strengthens its structure and improves the aesthetic appearance. It is often used on old roofs as a replacement for heavy clay tiles. Its weight is only 7 kg per square meter of roof, so it is about 7 times lighter than heavy ceramic roofing.

Bukowina Tatrzańska,dom jednorodzinny, panel z posypką Corona Charcoal

Bukowina Tatrzanska, single-family house, sprinkled panel Corona Charcoal



GERARD® Alpine tiles were designed in New Zealand to replicate the natural look of traditional European slate roofs. The profile offers unique visual qualities, perfectly imitating rock slate.


With its flat profile, the new GERARD® Eleganta roof tiles are perfectly in line with current trends for flat roofing. The rock aggregate gives the tile a ceramic appearance. Eleganta fits in with modern construction.

Panel z posypką Corona Charcoal

Corona Charcoal sprinkled panel


GERARD AHI Roofing in Poland and around the world

For 65 years, Gerard AHI Roofing has been an innovator in coated, extruded metal tiles with volcanic sprinkles. The company is the world's largest producer of this product, with three production facilities in New Zealand, the United States and Belgium.
In Poland, Gerard Ahi Roofing has been present for more than 30 years. In Zakopane and Podhale nearly 10,000 houses have been covered with Gerard Corona metal roofing tiles, which perfectly imitate the style of traditional wooden shingles, so characteristic of the region. In other regions of Poland chetily opt for Gerard roofing sheets, they have been used in thousands of houses, including restored historic buildings and key, major and prestigious hotels or restaurants.

For more information, visit the company 's Gerard Roofing Systems page on thePdA portal.

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