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Tiles with 50-year guarantee

24 of February '20

Gerard Roofing Systems roof tiles are a guarantee of quality. Made of the highest quality galvanized steel sheet, they are durable and safe. The manufacturer gives them as much as a 50-year warranty.

GERARD Diamant®, GERARD Classic®, GERARD Heritage®, GERARD Senator®, GERARD Milano® and GERARD Corona® roof tiles are made of the highest quality steel sheet, electroplated by immersion in aluminum-zinc alloy /Al-Zn/. The service life of the sheet thus protected, compared to ordinary galvanized sheet, is extended by about 2.5 times, eliminating the risk of premature aging, deterioration and leaks. All GERARD ROOFING SYSTEMS® roof tiles are covered by a written 50-year manufacturer's warranty.

Made consecutively, double-sided epoxy coating protection increases the panels' resistance to corrosion and damage. The resin-based acrylic varnish creates an absolutely impermeable barrier to moisture, while creating a primer for the unique and unparalleled natural rock aggregate, again protected by an acrylic varnish with an algicide admixture that protects against moss overgrowth.

The aggregate used on the tiles is natural stone quarried in New Zealand, so it is highly resistant to weathering. It is the most effective protective layer and a natural "barrier" to the aggressive environment, which most often causes the aging of sheet protection coatings.

Aggregate is very effective in silencing falling raindrops, and also protects panels from damage during transport and installation, excludes the risk of scratching the surface of the panel while increasing aesthetic value. Aggregate causes very gentle refraction of light and pleasant color perception.

The matte and porous surface means that the roof covered with these tiles does not heat up to very high temperatures. Both this advantage and the small modules of the tiles mean that the stresses associated with the expansion of steel, which are dangerous for fixing, do not arise.

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The small module size and symmetry of the tile wave allow the material to be very efficient. For the investor, this is tantamount to a reduction in non-utility waste to 3%.

Unlike all other tin roofing, snow does not slide off the GERARD ROOFING SYSTEMS® tiles during the thaw, which often causes "peeling" of gutters and related damage.

An unquestionable advantage of these tiles is their light weight. The weight of 1 m² is only 7 kg, which is about 6 times lighter than a typical ceramic or cement roof.

All types of the above-mentioned tiles can be used on roofs with a minimum slope angle of 17°, and vertical mansard planes and the so-called "goiter" are not an obstacle to their use.

Each of the tile types listed here is a complete system, equipped with round ridge and ridge tiles, wind braces, side and flat flashings, roof vents and other elements that allow covering any complex slope without having to reach for other flashing materials. All of the aforementioned systems are manufactured according to the same technology and based on the same raw materials, but each of them has a distinct style and character that allows individual selection and gives the building an original look.

Types of Gerard roof tiles



This is new to the manufacturer's product line from AHI Roofing. The new tile profile joined the existing GERARD family of products in spring 2013. GERARD DIAMANT is a tile with a roofing area 10% larger than AHI Roofing's existing products. This provides opportunities to save money on labor and roof trusses. The unique shape and ease of installation encourages the use of this type of roofing on large roof slopes.



It is chosen by customers who appreciate sophisticated English elegance, as well as the unique harmony of the roof and building facade. Unique color combinations and the classic shape of asphalt shingles give the full effect of exclusivity and originality. Thanks to modern production methods, SENATOR ® roof tile guarantees the highest quality and durability of the roof.



It resembles wooden shingles to an illusion. According to many Zakopane architects, it is currently the most advantageous covering replacing traditional shingles. The operating costs of CORONA® are favorable, since the durability of the roof covered with this profile equals that of ceramic tiles, and, unlike wood shingles, does not require expensive impregnation every few years. It is appreciated by owners of Old Polish styled houses from all over the country.



This is a traditional shape of ceramic tile - marsilles. Due to its light weight, it does not require large cross sections and dense rafter spacing like much heavier ceramic or cement tiles. This saves valuable wood and money. When an addition is made to an existing building or a heavy damaged roofing is replaced with a new one, the GERARD Classic® tile fits in wonderfully with traditional architecture.



This classic shape of the tall German-type tile gives the impression of a heavy covering. The shadows that line the waves of the tile give the roof a refined look. It has already won recognition in southern Europe: especially in Italy, France and Hungary. Its weight is only 7 kg per 1 m².



It is aimed at customers who appreciate the look of a "plain" tile. Additional embossing on the back of the panel strengthens its structure and adds to the aesthetic experience. It is often used on old roofs as a replacement for heavy clay tiles. Its weight is only 7 kg per 1 m² of roof, so it is about 7 times lighter than heavy ceramic roofing.

For more information, visit Gerard Roofing Systems on our website.

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