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Innovative roof profiles

23 of March '20

For 65 years now, Gerard AHI Roofing has been an innovator in coated, extruded metal roofing tiles with volcanic sprinkles and its largest manufacturer in the world, with four production facilities (in New Zealand, the United States, Malaysia and Hungary). Gerard produced its first metal roofing tiles as an industry pioneer back in 1957 in New Zealand. Gerard AHI Roofing Ltd is part of a large parent company, the Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group, a subsidiary of the Fletcher Building Company, founded in 1909.

In Poland, Gerard Ahi Roofing has been present for more than 25 years, which has resulted in a bossy and experienced base of trained Roofers and Sales and Service Teams, as well as an extensive database of reference properties. In the Podhale region alone, nearly 10,000 houses are covered with Gerard Corona Sheet Metal Roofing, while in Poland thousands of houses and key, major and prestigious Hotels and Restaurants.

GERARD is 7 innovative Profiles in 13 natural rock colors (including Burgundy Red), resistant to discoloration, UV rays, or acid rain, tailored to individual roofs and customer tastes.

Gerard tile with sprinkles consists of 8 layers. Steel, protected with Alu Zinc, is the heart of the tile, providing strength, rigidity and light weight. Each of the 8 layers serves the dual function of protecting the previous layer and bonding between the previous and next layers. The final layers on each side additionally serve a decorative function, in particular a sprinkling of natural volcanic rock that covers 100% of the panel's surface, protecting it from corrosion, weathering, and giving it the natural uncolored color of the rock.

GERARD sheet metal roofing tiles with sprinkling


Classic z posypką

As the name "Classic" suggests, this tile is a symbol, eternal perfection and classic. It reflects the durability of traditional precision craftsmanship that has stood the test of time.


Heritage z posypką

Inspired by the enduring and beautiful heritage passed down from generation to generation, 21st century architects are rediscovering the traditional values of bygone eras. This historical legacy of prominent architects and their roof construction styles continues to inspire designers living in modern times. By combining the heritage of the past with modern design requirements, AHI Roofing has created a unique lightweight tile design - a carpentry tile for the 21st century.


Diamant z posypką

Gerard Diamant is an innovative tile inspired by the hardest and one of the most durable materials known to man. A classic look in a rich line of colors and the strength to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Gerard Diamant doesn't just mean durability and protection for your home, it also means a 10% larger tile coverage area that will save you money through lower installation costs.


Milano z posypką

Based on the leading-edge technology it has developed, AHI Roofing has expanded its steel tile range with Gerard Milano, a profile with the timeless look of traditional Mediterranean roofs. The smooth edges and versatility of this attractive profile will provide architects and designers with the convenience of working with a wide range of roof accessories.


Senator z posypką

Until the mid-20th century, asphalt shingles were the most widely used roofing material. The overlapping tiles were originally made as small tiles of cedar wood or terra cotta. Gerard Shingle recreates three-dimensional asphalt shingles using 21st century materials and technology with a shaded mineral sprinkle finish. It comes in four color combinations.


Corona z posypką

European settlers who settled the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries brought traditional English, French and German roof styles with them, recreating familiar patterns in the wood they had in abundance. Cedar wood was chopped with an axe into shingles. The natural appeal of shingle roofs was recreated in the form of Gerard Corona shingles, while providing ease of installation. Gerard Corona has also gained excellent popularity in the Polish Podhale and Zakopane where it has successfully replaced traditional wooden shingles. In Poland we already have nearly 10,000 roofs covered with Corona.


Alpine Slate z posypką

The new GERARD® Alpine roof tiles were designed in New Zealand with the intention of recreating the natural look of traditional European slate roofs. This unique profile offers exceptional visual qualities, perfectly imitating rock slate.

GERARD Technologies

Zincalume (2 layers)

(45% zinc and 55%aluminum) Zinc-aluminum alloy coating is a combination of aluminum's protection of the oxidation layer against corrosion and zinc's shielding protection, that is, a combination of the protective advantages of both metals. The unique advantage of the zinc component is that it protects even those areas of the steel that are not completely covered, such as cut edges, drilled holes, scratches, etc.

APS coating (2 layers)

After the tiles are stamped, a very strong polymer-acrylic coating is baked on them. It prevents micro-cracks that occur when tiles are first painted and then formed by compression or rolling. The APS coating is applied to both sides of the zinc-aluminum alloy. It is a thin layer of tinted acrylic 1 to 2 microns thick. This system was developed by AHI and Bluescope Steel. The APS coating is applied with rollers immediately after the zinc-aluminum coatings are applied. It forms a homogeneous substrate that increases the adhesion of subsequent top coats (base coat and paint). The coloration is proof that the coating has been applied, and the transparency makes it possible to identify the characteristic structure of the zinc-aluminum coating.

Base coating

In the case of sprinkle-coated roofing tiles, it is bonded to the tile by a base coating. This specially formulated paint, based on a 100 percent individually formulated acrylic resin binder, is available in two colors - brown and black - to match the different colors of the mineral sprinkles. The base coating performs two functions. The first is to bind the sprinkles, which form a decorative layer, to the tile. The second is to protect the layer below from water and UV radiation. The base coating also contains algicides, which inhibit the growth of algae or lichen on the roof. The mineral sprinkled surface creates a natural growth environment for these organisms, and the algicides in the base coating try to minimize their growth. The algicides are carefully selected to ensure that they are as effective as possible in inhibiting the growth of these organisms while maintaining the suitability of water collected from the roof for drinking or other purposes.


To provide an attractive textured finish and at the same time increase UV resistance, a stone sprinkle is applied to the tiles. A range of colors created by stones selected for water, UV and acid rain resistance, ensuring an attractive appearance and protection of the base coat. The grain size and application method of the sprinkle ensure virtually 100% coverage of the base coat, and complete and even coverage is an option carefully looked after by inspectors and operators.


A strong, thin layer flows between the sprinkle grains into the base coat and, when dry, gives the sprinkle a transparent, "watery" sheen. This thoroughly binds the sprinkle to the base coat, virtually completely encapsulating it in the acrylic coating, which improves the appearance and further increases resistance to physical damage. The smooth painted surface shows little potential for algae or lichen growth and dirt accumulation.

For more information, visit Gerard Roofing Systems on our website.

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