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Modern, with 60 years of tradition - Gerard AHI Roofing System

29 of October '20

Materials used in residential and public buildings must not only meet certain technical conditions. They should also complement their appearance by harmonizing with the style of their surroundings. Gerard AHI Roofing's natural aggregate sprinkled roofing tiles, made with traditional technology dating back to the 1950s. Architects value them because they are the most favorable alternative to traditional wood shingles, asphalt shingles, and especially ceramic and concrete roofs, thanks to their light weight and excellent appearance.

Technology matters

Gerard roof tiles manufactured from high-quality steel sheet, protected against corrosion with a molecularly active layer of aluzinc, which results in an approximate 2.5-fold increase in its durability, compared to traditional galvanized sheet. This eliminates the risk of the material aging or corroding too quickly, even in buildings located in the marine coastal strip, a saline environment. Protecting the tile on both sides with an epoxy layer further increases resistance to corrosion and damage. Also used in the production of tile roofing is an acrylic resin-based varnish, which creates an airtight barrier to moisture and achieves a primer for the natural rock aggregate covering. The tile is again protected with an acrylic varnish with an admixture of algicides, which in turn protects the roof from moss overgrowth.

Log homes - GERARD Corona Charcoal roof

Photo: © Gerard AHI Roofing System

Properties of Gerard sprinkle

GERARD sprinkle is the only natural rock aggregate on the market that is resistant to weathering and discoloration. It is characterized by effective sound insulation in heavy rain and thermal insulation in summer. It gives a natural, unique and durable color, and also protects the tiles from damage and scratches during transport, installation or hailstorms. Sprinkle of rock aggregate with natural rock color is a guarantee of uncolored color, both under the influence of UV radiation and precipitation.

A big advantage of sprinkle is its matte and porous structure, which makes the roof less hot. In winter, on the other hand, we avoid the problem of snow sliding off the roof during the thaw. The aggregate does not reduce the flexibility of the tile, which can be bent and shaped, in almost any weather, without worrying about the strength of the covering, including the occurrence of micro-cracks.

Small modules and the symmetry of the tile wave guarantee high material efficiency and reduce waste to 3%. An important advantage of sprinkled aluminum roof tiles is their light weight - 7 kg/m², which makes the roof approx. 6 times lighter than a standard ceramic or cement solution. Tile is also fire-resistant - in the event of a fire, the covering can stop the spread of flames, and its airtightness prevents fire from penetrating inside the building.

Hotel Aries Zakopane - GERARD Corona Charcoal roof

Photo: © Gerard AHI Roofing System

The complete Gerard system

Tiles can be used on roofs with a minimum slope angle of 13° or more. The vertical planes of mansards and the so-called "goatee" do not cause problems in their use. The collection of tiles includes seven different models. They differ in character, so you can match them to different types of buildings. All the roof tiles are a complete system, equipped with round ridge and ridge tiles, wind braces, roof ventsand other elements necessary to create a comprehensive roof covering in one style. The entire system is backed by a full 50-year warranty, which comes from more than 60 years of manufacturing experience.

For more information, visit the company's Gerard Roofing Systems page on the A&B portal.

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