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Glass fittings - functional decoration

08 of December '21

Glass in architecture and interiors.
From the series "Interior Trends 2022"

Szkło w architekturze – biurowiec

Glass in architecture - office building



Glass in architecture and glass in interiors is a trend that has been around for a long time. Doors made of glass, partitions made of glass, facades made of glass, floors made of glass, elevators made of glass, furniture made of glass. Surroundings made of glass no longer surprise anyone, instead most people like it. People like glass because it's elegant and timeless, yet monumental, gives a sense of openness and gives the impression of more space. And this space is exactly what we are starting to lack lately. That's why such architectural treatments and interior trends that rely on glazing are positively received and eagerly used. We like glass because it is beautiful. The uniqueness of this material is that it looks as if it is not there. A veritable magic!


We want to build with glass on larger and larger areas. Glass partitions are used very often. Most often in office buildings for mental separation of space, belonging to different departments. In private homes it also happens, although here mainly for decorative purposes. And if we already have walls of glass, then it is necessary to have doors of glass as well. And in order for the door to perform its function properly, we need glass hardware. Good, functional, beautiful glass hardware that will give character to our glazing. Here it is worth using the offer of the company WALA, which offers a full range for glass doors. Hinges, handles, catches, locks, handles, and all these accessories for the panes, we can order in the same color. This creates for us a subtle design that attracts attention, but is not obtrusive.


Hinges for glass are precisely designed because they are designed to hold a heavy sheet of tempered glass. Hinges for glass must be strong and sturdy, yet subtle and elegant. WALA has two types of glass hinges on offer. They are designated as:

  • WTA with thin rectangular grilles,
  • WTB with thick rounded bezels,

The system of operation of the hinges is identical, the mechanism is the same, they differ only visually in the shape of the bezel.

Zawias WTB
z powłoką Inox

WTB hinge with Inox coating

© Wala

Thehinges for glass doors have been tested and obtained the 12th utility class (max. 14). Hinges for glass have a tolerance for the thickness of glass sheets from 8 to 12 mm. For glass panes weighing more than 60 kg, a 3rd hinge is recommended, and the maximum load capacity is 90 kg. The adjustment range of the hinge on 2 planes: height +/- 3 mm, and left/right gap +/- 2.5 mm. This is an extremely important feature that allows us to adjust the door to open slightly and look perfect.


We already have a glass door, we have glass hinges, now we need something that will make it easier to open those dream glass doors. At this point, an extremely important question arises: handle or handle? The classic choice will fall on the handle. The WALA company is, of course, prepared for such a turn of events. We offer magnetic handles for tempered glass doors. We distinguish 3 basic options:

  • H4, straight handle, timeless, classic,
  • H5, handle with window, designer, but still elegant and tasteful,
  • handlewith toilet lock, specially created for toilets, has a safety device that allows you to open the door from the outside,
  • when choosing a handle, hooks for magnetic handles will be necessary, both for the connection of panel - panel and panel - profile of the aluminum frame,

Klamka magnetyczna
doszkła z zaczepem

Magnetic handle for glass with striker

© Wala

The handles were designed very precisely, and the technical and engineering thought was to create the perfect handle for glass doors. It worked, the handles are perfect. The mechanism works flawlessly, and they look stunningly beautiful. Especially when on the door we have applied the whole set in the same finish. Glass fittings can be in ANODA natural, or black, a novelty is to refine the anode with a cut, which is recently gaining popularity. They can have INOX coating, or any color of the rainbow defined in the full RAL palette.

Glass handle. Definitely yes, this is also a great choice. WALA has a very wide range of products in the HANDLES category. Any of these brackets can be mounted on glass doors, just use the appropriate mounting kit. The glass handle is a very convenient door opener, and is especially suitable for office spaces. Walking with our hands full of documents, with a laptop, with coffee, etc., sometimes we lack a 3rd hand to open the door with the handle. This is when such a handle proves to be very practical. All we have to do is gently push the door open.

Handles are various, round, rectangular, square, oval, D-shaped profiles are used. Each handle should have legs, which WALA produces in a variety of shapes. The length of the handle and the spacing of the legs is a matter to be determined. And let's not forget about the possibility of painting aluminum handles, just like the rest of the glass hardware, we can match them in one convention. Some models of handles we can refine with a wooden baluster of oak, lacquered in golden oak, walnut, rosewood or black. GPV handle made of glass sheet and stainless steel also has its place in the offer. It is possible to mount electronics in it: fingerprint reader, numeric keypad, touch sensor, or button, as in many other handles.

Uchwyt ze szkła do

Glass door handle

© Wala

It is known, there are some pre-imposed standards, but the company is flexible and also realizes custom orders. There are so many options for handle configurations that everyone will undoubtedly find a model that perfectly suits their taste and needs.
WALA's range of glass hardware is constantly expanding with new products. Complementing the glass sheet hardware is a NEW - Lock for glass doors, which, depending on your needs, can be mounted horizontally under the handle, or vertically at the bottom of the door, if you have a glass sheet with a handle. The lock for doors made of glass has a classic system that functions either bilaterally or unilaterally for an ordinary key. This is an ingenious solution that can work, for example, in offices when we want to secure the room from unauthorized persons, after working hours.

Zamek do szklanych
drzwi tafla-podłoga

Glass door panel-floor lock


To already definitively equip a glass door, WALA also offers a door stopper to protect the sheet from breakage. Very small, neat, mounted in the floor, made of stainless steel and rubber, of course.

Stoper do drzwi,
odbojnik do drzwi

Door stopper, door bumper

© Wala


Accessories for glass are developing insanely fast and widely, because the architectural industry is betting heavily on this wonderful material, which is glass. Fittings manufacturers are trying very hard to keep up, and WALA - a leading Polish manufacturer of fittings for woodwork - is a perfect example. In addition to the practical function of allowing opening, the fittings should, above all, be designer. They must be an aesthetic complement to the interior design. WALA at the highest level meets the requirements for high quality, precision workmanship, functionality, and, of course, unconventional but at the same time universal design. WALA is a well-established company, backed by more than 40 years of experience and cooperation with many joinery manufacturers in Poland and abroad.

Szkło we wnętrzach,

Glass in interiors, office building


For more information, visit the company's WALA Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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