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Uponor surface heating and cooling. Thermal comfort in contemporary architecture

06 of December '20

Efficient heating and cooling of large areas in sustainable construction

The Uponor Sp. z o.o. company is one of the leaders in the field of surface heating and cooling, as well as water installations. The company's experience is confirmed by more than 100 years of implementing innovative solutions and a product portfolio that evolves with modern architecture and construction. The main task the company has set for itself is to maximize comfort and make it easier for designers and contractors to use the Uponor systems under development.

Uponor Academy - cooperation with architects

The Finnish manufacturer also cooperates with architects and designers with, among other things, an extensive BIM library and advanced calculation programs. In addition, it provides support at every stage of construction: from design to the final work on site, sharing technical knowledge or providing periodic, extensive training through the Uponor Academy.

Pełna freedom in shaping surfaces archPełna freedom in shaping surfaces archPełna freedom in shaping surfaces arch

Full freedom in surface shaping


Surface heating in the service of energy-efficient construction

Tall and spacious rooms, large glazing and modern finishes - these are just some of the features of today's commercial buildings. However, in tandem with the new trends are the increasingly demanding requirements of investors and facility users, who expect functional and energy-efficient solutions while ensuring thermal comfort. Intelligent surface heating and cooling systems from Uponor meet the highest standards, while also fitting in with the concept of sustainable construction.

Plane heating in commercial buildings - why is it worth it?

  • Freedom in design - modern architectural concepts require thoughtful heating solutions that will not disturb the concept, while becoming comfortable to use and energy-efficient during operation.
  • Uniform temperature distribution - one of the key advantages of surface heating is to ensure that the temperature is the same in every part of the room. This eliminates the formation of warmer and underheated zones, the exclusion of which, in the case of traditional solutions, is sometimes impossible.
  • Full automation - intelligent systems dedicated to commercial facilities allow convenient and precise control of the temperature of surface heating and cooling in all rooms in the building. Uponor controllers can be connected to the building's existing BMS.
  • Energy efficiency - radiant surface heating is one of the low-temperature solutions, so it works perfectly with alternative heat sources such as heat pumps or photovoltaic panels. In addition, Uponor systems, thanks to their high efficiency, meet the requirements of the most important international sustainable building certifications, such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.

Plane heating and cooling systems from Uponor

Efficient heating and cooling of large areas is quite a challenge for modern construction. The choice of the right system is determined not only by investment costs, but also by design and layout possibilities. Uponor has a range of surface heating and cooling solutions that meet the conditions of even the most demanding projects.

System ogrzewania
i chłodzenia Uponor Renovis © UPONOR

Uponor Renovis heating and cooling system


Heat and cool from the ceiling. Uponor technology


One of the ceiling systems from Uponor is the Renovis system, which provides maximum flexibility during design and installation. It consists of 15-mm-thick gypsum boards and pre-embedded Uponor PE-Xa pipes. With this design, Renovis forms an independent ceiling structure that can easily be installed on any mounting profiles.

Uponor Thermatop M

Another solution in the Finnish manufacturer's portfolio that gives full design freedom is the Uponor Thermatop M system, which creates a uniform ceiling surface in rooms with difficult geometries. Such a structure allows free management of the ceiling space, in which lighting, speakers or other necessary equipment can be installed without obstacles.

Wykorzystanie Uponor
Thermatop M w nowoczesnych przestrzeniach © UPONOR

Using Uponor Thermatop M in modern spaces


Versatile underfloor heating - Uponor Meltaway and Uponor Magna

Underfloor heating/cooling allows optimal use of the available space and volume. Uponor offers technologically advanced heating solutions that are suitable for both new and retrofitted buildings. In addition, the manufacturer has a wide range of products for special applications, such as Uponor Meltaway, an ice and snow melting system dedicated to parking lots, driveways or airstrips and heating football field slabs, and Uponor Magna, a heating system placed directly into the concrete floor screed, which finds its use in industrial facilities.

Efektywne ogrzewanie
ścienne © UPONOR

Efficient wall heating


Heat directly from the walls

Wall heating and cooling systems transfer heat into the room by radiation. As a result, they significantly increase the thermal comfort of system users. Depending on requirements, wall heating can be used for both dry and wet plaster. Pipes routed in the walls do not make noise, and the automation applied to the system allows precise temperature control. The systems, depending on the type, are covered with gypsum board or plaster with a small thickness - up to a maximum of 10-15 mm above the heating pipes.

Even greater design freedom

The invisible and noiseless Uponor TABS cooling and heating ceiling system is the answer to the market needs of sustainable construction. The efficient solution not only reduces investment and operating costs, but also provides great design freedom, flexibly adapting to the needs of specific projects.

Integrating Uponor cooling and heating ceilings into the building brings a new quality to the operation and design of multi-story buildings. Embedded in the construction of reinforced concrete ceilings, PE-Xa pipes route water and use the thermal mass of the building to heat or cool the rooms.

Uponor is actively working with architects and designers throughout the country. A team of more than 20 specialists supports investors, providing access to the most important technical materials, practical knowledge, and guarantees consulting, service and marketing facilities.

For more information, visit the company's Uponor Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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