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Manufacturer of high quality water systems, surface heating and cooling systems

05 of December '22

Uponor is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality water installations, surface heating and cooling systems, control automation and pre-insulated networks.

The company operates in various sectors of the construction market - from residential and commercial construction to industry and special applications. Uponor's systems for providing safe drinking water, energy-efficient indoor temperature management and reliable infrastructure are available to customers throughout Europe, setting standards in the industry.

For more than 25 years, the company has been dynamically developing its structures on the Polish market. In cooperation with architects and designers, it provides, among other things, an extensive BIM library containing advanced 3D models, state-of-the-art software to facilitate the work of designers, the HSE5 program or advanced calculation programs. In addition, it provides support at every stage of implementation: from design to final work on site, sharing technical expertise.

Siccus – system suchej zabudowy ściennej, który zapewnia swobodę w kształtowaniu pomieszczeń

Siccus - a dry wall system that provides freedom in room design


With sustainable construction in mind

Operating in an industry with a strong environmental impact, Uponor places great importance on caring for a better future, setting new standards and playing a key role by setting a good example. The company's main goal is to become a recognized leader in sustainable building and infrastructure solutions - its portfolio of products and services is developed with the coming changes and challenges of the next decades in mind.

By 2027, Uponor plans to have 90% of its products covered by the EPD declaration, and by 2030 at the latest to obtain it for all its products. Using Uponor's solutions, therefore, it will be easier to get a positive evaluation in the process of applying for BREEAM or LEED certificates, which are now the standard in the commercial real estate market. Buildings with these certificates are characterized by high energy efficiency and have no negative impact on the environment.

Thermatop M Uponor – rozwiązanie do pomieszczeń o trudnej geometrii

Thermatop M Uponor - a solution for rooms with difficult geometries


Uponor PEX Pipe Blue - the first bio-based PEX pipes on the market with a reduced carbon footprint

Uponor PEX Pipe Blue is a new standard in the area of sustainable solutions for the construction industry. The unique technology used in the production of the pipes, based on the mass balance method, is a reduction of the carbon footprint by almost 90% compared to traditional PEX pipes. PEX Pipe Blue is an innovative product in Uponor's portfolio that has been internationally certified by the independent organization ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). This confirms the maintenance of certain production standards and guarantees transparency in the supply chain.

As a result, PEX Pipe Blue fits in with the idea of sustainable construction and contributes to the positive evaluation of the building during environmental certification processes, such as LEED, BREAM or others. With the launch of PEX Pipe Blue, Uponor is setting a new standard in the production of systems with a reduced carbon footprint, thus becoming a leader in providing solutions to meet the strict requirements for so-called green buildings.

Wykorzystanie Uponor Thermatop M w nowoczesnych przestrzeniach

Using Uponor Thermatop M in modern spaces


Uponor TABS cooling and heating ceilings - comfort of use, freedom of design, low energy consumption

Uponor TABS cooling and heating ceiling system is a new quality in the field of installation design in multi-story buildings, based on the use of the thermal mass of the building for energy storage. Invisible PEX pipes embedded in the reinforced concrete ceiling structure transport cool (in cooling mode) or hot water (in heating mode). In cooling mode at night, coolness is supplied to the ceilings, and during the day the cooled surfaces take heat away from the building and thus lower the room temperature.

Uponor's solution, ensures low energy consumption, increases the efficiency of the cooling (and heating) source, and enables the use of low-temperature renewable energy sources, in accordance with the design guidelines for green buildings. All of this translates into lower costs, both for investment and maintenance of the building, and additionally makes it easier to obtain prestigious certifications, such as LEED or BREEAM.

Ogrzewanie podłogowe w restauracji położonej na szycie Zugspitze (Niemcy)

Underfloor heating in a restaurant located on the Zugspitze neck of the mountain (Germany)


The Uponor TABS system makes it possible to hide cooling and heating installations in ceilings. Thus, it allows architects and designers to arrange the rooms freely, without lowering the designed height of the ceilings (for example, with suspended ceilings).

Uponor BIM platform - we make designers' work easier

To support designers even more effectively, Uponor has created and continues to develop the Uponor BIM platform, which not only greatly facilitates the design process, but also has an impact on the comfortable management of the facility throughout its life cycle. By providing the appropriate software and a library of virtual models of its products, the company makes it possible to design an installation that corresponds 1:1 to a future completed project. As a result, the designer is able to make corrections and revisions to the designed installations on the fly, before contractors get to work.

Port lotniczy w Hamburgu – system ogrzewania podłogowego Classic

Hamburg Airport - Classic floor heating system


Designers working with the tools have the full library of Uponor's product range at their disposal. All products in the brand's portfolio have been transferred to the virtual world and are continuously updated, and their models are compatible with various popular CAD and BIM formats, such as Revit, IFC and DWG. This greatly facilitates the work of international teams whose members use different development environments - designers are able to work on a given project regardless of the formats used. An additional support is the input of product-specific data in different languages: this is extremely important in an era of globalization and investment implementation by international teams.

Uponor actively cooperates with architects and designers throughout the country. A team of more than 20 specialists supports investors by providing access to the most important technical materials, practical knowledge, and guarantees consulting, service and marketing facilities.

For more information, visit the company's Uponor Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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