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A barrier-free home begins at the threshold

07 of May '21

Schüco's modern, threshold-free exterior doors.
From the series "Window and door trends 2021"

Easy access is one of the most important criteria considered in the design of modern buildings today. The most important element of such forward-looking architectural concepts is a barrier-free entrance door that provides ease and convenience for all people, regardless of age or physical condition. Barrier-free exterior doors in Schüco systems provide complete user comfort without compromising on tightness or thermal insulation.

The trend of barrier-free design is related not only to the global trend of an aging population, but also to the growing comfort requirements among builders of all ages. Modern architecture involves the removal of any potential impediments to independent use of buildings and all the amenities they offer. In addition to wide circulation routes, laid out on one level, the hallmark of such universal designs, are large and easy-to-use entrance doors. According to the requirements of barrier-free architecture, they should be equipped with a threshold flush with the floor, and preferably - smart systems that allow keyless or even hands-free operation. Schüco's modern PVC-U and aluminum thresholdless exterior doors were developed for comfortable and energy-efficient barrier-free architecture, in which every detail has been carefully considered, including an effective sealing and drainage system. The solutions fully comply with the criteria of DIN 18040, which specifies exactly what conditions should be met by architecturally barrier-free buildings and their equipment.

Accessibility without compromise

The requirements of DIN 18040 specify the parameters that an architectural barrier-free door should have. The basic requirement is adequate dimensions in the clear passage, which should be a minimum of 90 cm wide and 205 cm high. In addition, to ensure that the door can be operated by wheelchair users, the handle is placed at a height of 85 cm to 105 cm. The use of protruding thresholds is generally not allowed, unless they are necessary for technical reasons, such as ensuring the watertightness and proper drainage of external building elements. Then a threshold with a minimum height of 2 cm is used. Schüco AD UP aluminum and LivIng PVC-U entrance doors are unique solutions on the market, in which the zero threshold design is harmoniously combined with excellent technical performance. They have the highest, 6th class of passability according to ift guideline BA-01/1 "Determination and Classification of Threshold Passability". And thanks to the use of a special drop seal, they provide excellent watertightness. A similar threshold solution can also be used for Schüco balcony and sliding doors, achieving the effect of smooth and maximally secure passageways throughout the house - from the outside entrance area to the exit to the terrace or balcony.

1. The innovative zero-millimeter threshold on AD UP aluminum doors guarantees optimal airtightness;
2. zero millimeter threshold with automatic seal in LivIng PVC-U doors

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Effortless or even hands-free operation

Doors in barrier-free buildings should be easy to operate for all users. To this end, intelligent solutions that enable operation without any effort are recommended. Schüco AD UP aluminum doors are available with automation solutions that enable keyless or even hands-free operation. A very innovative solution, for example, is the AD UP door with an integrated BlueCon module, the opening and closing of which can be controlled via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Depending on the settings, the door leaf can open automatically as soon as the paired mobile device is in range of the signal. This is an excellent solution especially for heavy sashes with large dimensions. Soon the smartphone opening option will also be available on Schüco LivIng PVC-U doors.


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