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Unlimited possibilities - KER3MR sliding windows and doors

07 of May '21

KER3MR windows and sliding doors - breaking through technical barriers.
From the series "Window and door trends 2021".

In recent years there have been major changes in modern architecture. Designed buildings are simple in their form, even minimalist, but at the same time more responsive to the needs of users. More glass has appeared, large glazing with high technical parameters, which opens the space of the house to the surrounding nature. Breaking technical barriers by creating windows with minimalist design and maximum surface area has become a permanent part of modern architecture.

What, on the other hand, will the next few years look like? Which direction will architects and investors follow when planning new projects?

Trends 2021

In 2021, solutions that open up space to the surroundings are more important than in previous years. Plenty of light and an unobstructed view make it easier for homebuyers to connect with nature, while maintaining security. On top of that, we have investors who expect more than just an individual and modern design. Very important to them, in addition to high technical and acoustic paramentals, have become price, and no compromises in design.

The current situation has forced many companies to expand the range of products offered. Having several systems, so that you can adapt to the requirements of the customer, his budget possibilities, while maintaining high quality, have become an integral part of the operation of any company.


Experience, creativity and technical competence

Solutions that were completely unavailable just a few years ago are now standard. Customers are no longer limited to ordering standard-sized doors or windows. Glass walls eliminate the boundaries between home and garden, and new sliding door threshold solutions increase the relaxation zone without clear divisions.

KER3MR with its narrow-profile system fits perfectly into modern trends. Unconventional solutions on the basis of minimalist European systems, a wide range of products and glass used as a structural element, allow to reduce the width of vertical profiles to a minimum. On top of that, experience, technical knowledge and reliability are essential elements for cooperation in creating contemporary projects.

Living Garden House, Izbica, design: Robert Konieczny, KWK Promes

photo: Jakub Certowicz © KER3MR

Minimum means more

KER3MR façade glazing systems provide a wide range of possibilities for building lightweight glass partitions and provide great support for the design market.

2-pane and 3-pane glazing, compatible fixed walls that form a visual whole with mobile walls, 5-lane sliding systems - including a complete absence of a threshold, meet the needs of modern architecture. The possibility of using electric drives for sashes of more than 400 kg andthe size of a sliding sash of up to 18 m², significantly affect the comfort of the designed house.

Increasingly, an important element in the selection of windows and sliding doors is thermal as well as acoustic insulation. Modern designs are largely focused on reducing operating costs, while providing the greatest possible comfort. High insulation parameters (including wind tightness) of narrow-profile systems offered by KER3MR - these are the main arguments for using and implementing modern technologies.


New possibilities without compromises

Most investors, when ordering an individual project from an architectural studio, expect something unique. That's why KER3MR glazing is constantly adjusted to meet the functional needs of customers, without taking anything away from the architecture of the building.

Additional elements that increase the comfort of use in window and door technology, special constructions, such as: inclined sliding doors, fixed and curved sliding glass walls, entrance assemblies based on pivot doors, vertically sliding windows - these are just a few of the novelties introduced to the market by KER3MR. Profiles in full RAL color palette and anodized in many colors, plus shading systems and mosquito nets integrated into sliding doors. All this means that the only limitation in the design can only be your imagination.

Interior of Konieczny's Ark, design: Robert Konieczny, KWK Promes

photo: Jakub Certowicz © KER3MR

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