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Aluprof style hotels

06 of April '21

European top projects using Aluprof solutions.
From the series "Hotels - inspirations and trends 2021".

Hotel facilities built in recent years not only tribute to comfortable solutions designed to make the stay of users more pleasant, but increasingly become architectural pearls. To achieve a synergistic effect, designers consciously reach for top-class aluminum systems. Here are examples of European TOP realizations using solutions from industry leader ALUPROF SA.

Architects designing luxury hotels are outdoing themselves in giving them an unconventional form while ensuring the highest standards for users. Current trends in the development of accommodation facilities are tailored to the requirements of guests. The need to stand out in terms of the offer, as well as the design itself, is due to the high competitiveness in the market for hotel services. The realization of these assumptions in the field of window joinery is guaranteed by the use of aluminum systems.

Among others, one of the largest and best-known hotel chains has reached for ALUPROF products. Luxury, five-star facilities signed with the Hilton logo, using ALUPROF aluminum architectural systems, are being built all over Europe. Recent developments include hotels in London, Kiev and Warsaw. Among the aluminum solutions used in these facilities can be highlighted the MB-SR50 N HI mullion and transom wall system with increased thermal insulation. It is perfect for constructing and constructing light curtain walls - flat of hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights. The shapes of the profiles make it possible to select profiles of mullions and transoms that give the effect of flush surfaces of individual elements on the inside of the facade. The MB-SR50N HI system has been thoroughly tested at the IFT Rosenheim Institute obtaining very high technical parameters.

Hilton Hotel in Aluprof systems, Ukraine, Kiev

Photo: © Aluprof

Cooperation with outstanding architects during the creation of prestigious hotel buildings is a unique experience for our company. We are pleased that ALUPROF solutions are recognized by both domestic and foreign designers. As a manufacturer of innovative systems for the construction industry, we can boast a rich portfolio of realizations, well-established know-how and a group of specialists who serve our cooperators with their expert knowledge. Thanks to this, we are perceived as a proven business partner on the international arena, and cooperation with us is a guarantee of obtaining the best possible results," adds Bozena Ryszka, marketing and PR director of ALUPROF SA.

Lifestyle approach to leisure and architecture

Combining modern trends in architecture with the freedom of interaction is the goal pursued by the founders of MOXY, an American chain of three-star hotels under the Marriott International logo. The energetic and playful character of MOXY's facilities is perfectly matched by the large glazing of ALUPROF systems.

In hotels in Milan, York, Southampton, Berlin and Munich, among others, the MB-70US window and door system was used in the variant with hidden sashes, invisible from the outside. This makes it possible to obtain an identical view of all quarters in a sequence of adjacent fixed and opening windows. Windows in the MB-70US system have an effective system of water drainage and ventilation from the glazing chamber and from the chamber between the sash and frame.

In turn, the MOXY hotel located in Stanford used the HI variant of the MB-70 system, i.e. with additional insulating inserts inserted into the profiles. The use of such a solution is a response to the ever-growing demand of investors for energy-efficient materials. An interesting decorative element in contact with the windows are the window bays designed especially for this investment, which, in addition to the function of hiding the wall layers, optically enlarge the rooms.

MOXY Hotel in Aluprof systems, United Kingdom, Dyce

© Aluprof

The prestige of aluminum

Another well-known hotel brand has also chosen aluminum solutions. Nobu Hospitality is not only synonymous with luxury and sophisticated design, but above all with the worldwide reputation that its founders - Robert De Niro, Nobu Matsuhisa and Meir Teper - have developed over the years. Today, the chain thrives in 40 locations (including 17 with a hotel section) on 5 continents, serving 3 million guests annually. The new outpost in Warsaw at 73 Wilcza St. is Nobu's first branch in Central and Eastern Europe. The five-star facility, located in the business and leisure part of the city, houses, among other things, 120 exclusive rooms, conference rooms, a fitness area and a restaurant with excellent Asian cuisine. The first lifestyle hotel on the Polish market also boasts an original design and an elegant design. Among other things, the architects opted for arched aluminum and glass structures, angular wall connections or decorative muntins applied to the glass, thus increasing the aesthetic value of the facade.

Such prestigious realizations require the use of innovative and flexible solutions that respond to the needs of the investor, architects and designers, but also ensure the safety and comfort of users. The MB-Skyline system, which is our company's latest proposal, was used in the building for the first time. The sliding door with a hidden frame, also dedicated to single-family residential construction, is a response to the current trend for large glazing and subtle profile appearance. The building also uses aluminum systems: window and door, facade and fire protection systems, equipped with a number of functionalities, including the MB-86 SI window and door system. This solution is characterized by high strength even in the case of large-scale window structures. In turn, the MB-SR50N OW tilt-and-slide window system, in addition to very good acoustic parameters, allows effective ventilation and drainage, which extends the trouble-free operation of the windows. It is also worth noting the MB-SR50N Efekt curtain and transom wall system, which realized the design of a minimalist facade with bent profiles, narrow dividing lines and elegant arches, says Bożena Ryszka of Aluprof.

Between history and modernity

An example of the use of Aluprof systems is also provided by a unique hotel in Wroclaw - The Bridge MGallery. This five-star, one of the most prestigious hotel facilities in Poland, fits into the Gothic surroundings of pl. Cathedral Square and highlights the architectural features of the Cathedral.

The Bridge MGallery in Aluprof systems, Poland, Wroclaw.

© Aluprof

Forum Architects put a lot of effort into making sure that The Bridge's design adequately corresponds with its historic surroundings. Thus, the exterior of the building was made of simple, noble and elegant materials so as not to overwhelm the neighboring Cathedral and at the same time expose its mass. They opted for fired brick, glass and aluminum - which made it possible to achieve appropriate thermal, acoustic insulation and energy efficiency coefficients. Aluminum joinery systems for this realization were supplied by Polish manufacturer and European industry leader ALUPROF.

The building project used the Aluprof MB-SR50N EFEKT semi-structural facade system. It made it possible to achieve the effect of a smooth glass sheet on the facade of the hotel and the structure of the roof and skylights, as well as climatic lighting of the common areas. In addition, thanks to the high airtightness parameters of the Aluprof facade, the energy intensity of the building is significantly lower," says Bożena Ryszka, director of marketing and PR at Aluprof SA.

The Bridge MGallery in Aluprof systems, Poland, Wroclaw.

© Aluprof

The building also uses the MB-86 SI thermal barrier window and door system, which is a response to trends and obligations related to sustainable construction. Windows and doors made in this system have enhanced insulation properties and increase the energy efficiency of the implementation. Complementing the aluminum joinery used in The Bridge is the MB-78EI fire partition system, which was used to make interior walls and separate the so-called fire zones.

The Bridge Wroclaw Hotel, thanks to the systems used in connection with passive construction, can boast a LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) multi-criteria building evaluation certificate at the Gold level.

Industry leader and trendsetter

Year after year, the number of prestigious hotel developments using ALUPROF products is increasing. We are talking about, among others. The Donaublick Hotel in Scheer, Austria, where the MB-86 SI system, characterized by excellent thermal insulation, was used, or the Radisson Blu Béke Hotel inBudapest, where the MB-86 ST window and door system, MB-86 Foldline external folding doors, and the MB-45 OFFICE system of fixed and door-equipped partition walls were used. In another hotel facility, Vila do Conde in Portugal, the joinery was realized using the MB-86 system. The facade of the IBIS Hotel in London, on the other hand, was created on the basis of mullion and transom walls with high thermal insulation in the MB-TT50 system, and the glazing was carried out in the MB-59S window and door system, which, thanks to its narrow frames and mullions, allows the glazing surface to be flush. The great interest in ALUPROF systems is the result of tailoring the offer to the needs of architects and investors, who care about simplicity of arrangement and top-class design.

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