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"Eco-climate house" from Lindab. Time for a fully eco-friendly home

01 of March '22

Photovoltaics, roofing, recuperation, ventilation, air conditioning, heat pumps and car charging stations - in an environmental package from Lindab

Green homes are the future of construction, but building them requires specialized knowledge and the ability to choose between multiple solutions. Taking advantage of the comprehensive offer of a single manufacturer and distributor covering photovoltaics, roofing, guttering systems, recuperation and ventilation, air conditioning, heat pumps, as well as charging stations for electric cars allows you to save not only time, but also money. Such is the proposal of Lindab, which has created the "House in an eco-climate" project.

w ekoklimacie

House in ecoclimate


"House in ecoclimate" is dedicated to individual investors and architects designing eco modular houses. This is a comprehensive proposal for those interested in designing and building a safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly house. Customers will receive not only products tailored to their needs, but also all the necessary designs for the installation of the system, as well as assistance in obtaining funds from current government programs that subsidize green building solutions. In addition, such issues as transportation of all elements to the construction site or turnkey installation of the system will also be on the side of the experts of "House in Ecoclimate".

Modern photovoltaics

An alternative to traditional roof-mounted photovoltaic panels? With the Lindab SolarRoof™ system it is possible. Thanks to a special roof design with integrated thin-film photovoltaic panels only 2 mm thick, a single, highly aesthetic plane is achieved that not only looks great, but also produces electricity. The panels are available in standard lengths: 2.3 m and 3.1 m, and weigh only 2 kg/m2, so they do not weigh down the roof structure. Maintenance and possible repair is easy, as the panels can be walked on. The extremely durable Swiss technology in which they were made, the lack of glass elements, and the absence of micro-cracks guarantee that Lindab SolarRoof™ will last for many years. In addition, the system is characterized by high energy efficiency of up to 98% thanks to individual control of individual panels. It has been improved with a solution that improves the safety of its use, i.e. an automatic voltage drop to 1 V.

Dom w ekoklimacie

Home in an eco-climate


Roofing for years to come

Tight roofing, made of high-quality materials, means peace of mind and safety for homeowners for years to come. In Lindab's roofing portfolio you will find standing seam metal sheets, Click roof panels, metal roofing sheets, modular roofing sheets and roof safety components - ideal for both modern and more traditional homes. They are made of aluminum, titanium-zinc and steel, sheets of the highest Swedish quality. Lindab Swedish steel design confirms the durability of the roofing materials, which are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions. The roofs are available in 11 colors, and when combined with Lindab gutter systems and roof safety components in the same color versions, they form a cohesive and elegant whole. They come in three types of coatings - Classic and Classic matte, Elite and Elite matte, and DuraFrost. For roofs with Elite and Elite mat and DuraFrost coatings, due to their high corrosion class up to C4, customers receive a 50-year warranty!




Efficient recuperation and ventilation

Temperature, humidity and air quality are the most important elements that create the indoor climate indoors. If we take care of their proper level, we will positively affect the comfort and well-being of household members. Modern home ventilation systems are equipped with an air handling unit (recuperator) and allow full control of the air supplied to the rooms and recovery of heat from the air that is generated inside the building.
Thanks to recuperation, heating bills can be reduced, as it is no longer necessary to ventilate the rooms, which in buildings with gravity ventilation meant that the rooms cooled down, and a drop in temperature caused the heating to automatically turn on and costs to rise. In contrast, in buildings with a ventilation system with recuperation, the air flow is stable regardless of the weather conditions outside. Thanks to recuperation, fresh air still flows into the building and polluted air is regularly removed from it. For customers interested in "House in an eco-climate" solutions, we recommend recuperation centers of proven brands: SALDA and Vent-Axia.

Systemy rynnowe Systemy rynnowe

Gutter systems


Tight gutter systems

Lindab Rainline is a complete gutter system consisting of half-round and rectangular gutters, downpipes, as well as dozens of accessories such as hooks, connectors, inlets, gutter closures. The elements of the system are made of steel, which is characterized by low expansion under the influence of temperature. Durability is ensured by double-sided galvanization with a thickness of min. 275 g/m2 and additional hardening with a special modified coating. Lindab Rainline gutter systems are available in 10 basic colors. Our products come with up to a 40-year warranty. Lindab's gutter systems are made from the highest quality steel, which, according to independent research, has the lowest carbon footprint of any gutter material. 30% of the material for production comes from recycled sources, and the total lifespan is up to 70 years. The steel is fully recyclable, meaning that 98% of our products, once they need to be replaced or refurbished, can be reused.


Air conditioning


Air conditioning

A modern and eco-friendly home cannot lack air conditioning. Since the number of hot days in spring and autumn has increased, more and more people in Poland have decided to buy an air conditioner. The choice is not easy, as there are many models and manufacturers on the market. In order to choose the right air conditioner, it is important to know the basic parameters and characteristics that will help you decide and make it easier to use this device. Among the most important parameters to consider are the selection of the power of the air conditioner, the energy efficiency class, the volume of the device or the dimensions of the device. It is also worth considering before buying whether we ultimately want to install an indoor unit in one room, or whether we plan to put more units in more rooms immediately or over time. In this case, we can consider installing a multi split air conditioner, i.e. one external unit (outdoor unit) of greater power, which is connected by freon to several indoor units located in different rooms. At "House in Ecoclimate" we offer air conditioners of TCL and Mistral brands, whose features will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Pompy ciepła

Heat pumps


Heat pumps

Rising gas and electricity prices are increasingly encouraging current and future homeowners to seek alternatives to traditional gas furnaces. The solution is high-temperature heat pumps, which are an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient source of heat and hot water. This is a very aesthetically pleasing solution, the installation of which does not require renovation or much interference with the structure of the building. The advantage of this type of solution is also quiet operation and convenient and intuitive operation of the pump. A heat pump is a set that includes a unit located outside the building and an indoor unit.The internal part is connected by pipes, through which the refrigerant flows, thanks to which we receive heat in the house. Pumps work with both radiators, underfloor heating and fan coil units.

Stacja ładowania samochodów

Car charging station


Charging stations for electric cars

Electric and hybrid cars are an increasingly common alternative to gasoline cars. Their range is increasing, and infrastructure for charging cars is also being developed. Nowadays, the purchase of a home charging station for electric cars is no longer as big an expense as it used to be. Lindab offers charging stations from global brands, which come with a 5-year warranty and adjustable power from 1.8 to 22 kW. Dedicated to all electric and plug-in hybrid cars with Type 2 charging connectors, the charging stations have an integrated 4.5 or 7 m charging cable and a convenient cable holder. They also provide faster and safer charging than a conventional household outlet. They feature an optimized operating status display with LED bars and access control with a keyed locking switch. The plug & play charging station is easy to use and can be controlled remotely (on and off).

For more information, visit the company 's Lindab Sp. z o.o. page on thePdA portal.
BIM files can be downloaded from the LINDAB website .

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