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MEISTER - laminate, wood and vinyl floors. Ecological, beautiful and resistant

02 of December '21

Laminate, wood and vinyl flooring

MEISTER is a German leading manufacturer of high-quality flooring. Its innovation-based offerings include laminate flooring, wood flo oring and vinyl flooring. In the interest of a healthy environment, all production is based on the highest quality materials that are in harmony with nature.

longlife PS 500 | Dąb harmonijny 8027

MeisterParquet. longlife PS 500 | Harmonic Oak 8027



MeisterDesign. laminate are collections that are deceptively similar to natural wood. Thanks to the patented AquaSafe System, AquaSafe+ and AquaStop, they have effective surface and edge protection that long-lasting protects the panels from swelling caused by water penetration. They are covered with a special Diamond Pro surface that protects the panels from micro-scratching and abrasion.

Podłoga drewniana
Lindura | HD 400 | Dąb naturalny czysty 8743

Lindura wood flooring | HD 400 | Natural oak pure 8743



  • MeisterDesign. - Eco-friendly vinyl without vinyl with an Ecuran layer.
    All decors are available in four different product variants, from waterproof to very comfortable with a layer of cork. It's a thin floor with a low installation height, leaving no xerox effect of old substrates. It is pleasant to the feet, light resistant, easy to maintain and extremely durable. Specially designed for people who love ecology! Ecuran is a high-quality, durable composite made primarily from vegetable oils, such as canola and castor oil, and natural mineral components such as chalk.

  • MeisterDesign. rigid - New generation of vinyl with rigid core
    Vin ylfloors are a thing of the past, today it's all about rigid core! This is the new generation of vinyl flooring: easy and safe to install as a floating floor, waterproof, perfect for renovation due to its low installation height. High-quality excimer-coated surfaces provide deep textures and a matte floor finish.

laminate LL 250 | Dąb Dakar 6385

MeisterDesign. laminate LL 250 | Dakar Oak 6385



  • Longlife wood flooring
    Parquet is a classic among floor coverings, and we Poles have a fondness for it. Meister parquet is called Longlife because it is extremely durable and long-lasting. Thanks to its heavy HDF middle board, MEISTER parquet is extremely quiet and pressure-resistant. It is suitable for installation on underfloor heating.

  • Lindura wood flooring
    Extremely durable wood flooring with a unique large format.
    The top layer was created from wood with the help of innovative "wood powder". Naturally oiled planks with rustic character or harmonious lacquered matte surface are the answer to any interior design.

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