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Modern windows and doors. Natural wood and designer minimalism

29 of April '20

Modern door and window systems. Natural wood and designer black and white minimalism
From the series "Window and door trends 2020"

POL-SKONE, as a leading manufacturer of doors and windows, constantly sets the directions of the industry. The company has also expanded its portfolio this year with trendy designs and innovative solutions. For 30 years of existence, the brand {tag:Manufacturer} is a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability, high-end woodwork designs, a combination of style, elegance and the highest quality workmanship.

ESPINA - drzwi z naturalną okleiną drewnianą

ESPINA - doors with natural wood veneer


Doors and windows inspired by nature

Contemporary architecture is turning to a return to nature. Interior trends include natural wood motifs. An example of fashionable design inspired by nature is the ESPINA collection. The unconventional arrangement of veneers in the so-called herringbone pattern (symmetrical or asymmetrical) distinguishes this design and adds character to the space. ESPINA is a door carpentry design of the highest level, ideal for tasteful spaces. The surface of the leaves is covered with natural wood veneer.

Drzwi MONA w okleinie dąb delano

MONA door in oak delano veneer


The trend inspired by nature also includes a novelty, the MONA line. The line is available in a new veneer color: oak delano. The leaves with a wood motif and panels of black panel or black laminated glass will fashionably decorate the apartment.

Luxury black doors in interiors

Among the hot trends of architecture, the motif of black also stands out strongly. New products from the ESTATO LUX collection exemplify the fashionable combination of black details with wood. The new designs for the leaves of this range use different widths of black panels along the entire height of the door. Black accents in combination with the selected color of natural veneer look extremely chic. The stylish ESPINA line has also been enriched by versions with black glazing.

Drzwi z kolekcji
ESTATO LUX — połączenie drewna z czarnymi detalami

Doors from ESTATO LUX collection - combination of wood with black details


Black doors are an emerging trend in global interior design. We will select the luxurious black shade from POL-SKONE's painted lines, such as: FIORD, VERTIGO, TIARA or HARMONY. The black shade also appears in veneers. We can use it to cover sashes in modern style e.g. IMPULS, FORTIMO or classic style e.g. INVERNO, NOSTRE.

Czarne drzwi
w stylu nowoczesnym IMPULS

IMPULS - black door in modern style


Modern door systems - aesthetically pleasing and functional

Trends in the door market are also thoughtful solutions. On top are modern systems tailored both to the arrangement and functionality of the apartment. A novelty from POL-SKONE that fits into this trend and meets the needs of customers is certainly the REVES system. The combination of DUO and REVES systems makes it possible to maintain from the corridor side an identical appearance of doors that open in different directions. The result is an aesthetically pleasing door layout, without sacrificing functionality.

System krytej
ościeżnicy HARMONY

HARMONY concealed door frame system


For lovers of well-thought-out solutions in interiors, there is the HARMONY POL-SKONE concealed door frame system for single or double-leaf doors. Thanks to the HARMONY door leaf flush with the surface of the door frame, we get a coherence of elements, with no visible division between the wall and door zones. In addition, the effect of concealment is influenced by the smooth finish of the leaf, the color of which can be matched to the wall.

Drzwi tarasowe —
system drzwi przesuwnych

Terrace door - sliding door system


In fashionable apartments with open space, sliding doors are gaining popularity. POL-SKONE's offer includes the wall-mounted sliding MOVI system. Thanks to invisible guides, the doors in this system look extremely stylish.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the A&B portal.

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