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Modern office furniture from Balma

05 of December '22

The office and the way we function in it are constantly changing. An office is much more than a space dedicated solely to performing one's professional duties.

Today's office is a meeting place

Today's office is a place to work, meet and establish relationships. That's why an out-of-the-box approach in arranging the office in terms of its color scheme and functionality is becoming more and more common. In addition to the fact that it is supposed to support us in productive activities, we stay in it mainly for meetings and relationships. With this in mind, we create Balma furniture. Our innovations are about meetings, but also about working in focus and domesticating the office.

BBox acoustic booth
Designed by Piotr Kuchcinski

Acoustic booths are an integral part of a large office. It's a place where you can hold conversations in silence without disturbing others, and at the same time can positively influence the acoustics of the room. All this in a comfortable environment thanks to a spacious interior with great acoustics and ventilation. What sets us apart is the appearance of our BBox booth. Exterior panels can be made of powder-coated sheet metal: trapezoidal or perforated, upholstery or felt, which have excellent acoustic parameters, and board. The glazed wall and doors of the shed enhance the impression of being in a large space. BBox booths are equipped with a convenient mediaport table, and can also have a footrest or hocker.

Picnic table Picnix
Designed by Piotr Kuchcinski

Picnix picnic table is an unconventional meeting place for a small group. It will fit into various rooms such as a lobby, cafeteria or open space. Its main advantage is a somewhat playful reference to playgrounds, so it immediately sets a positive mood and encourages spontaneity. Picnix is designed to fit flexibly into the space and the moment. It is equipped with casters, so it can be easily moved, and the stable frame and effective brakes guarantee safe use.

Stolik piknikowy Picnix

Picnic table picnix


Minimus Tables
Design: Piotr Kuchcinski

Meetings usually take place at tables, and we are convinced that in their form, variety of shapes, there are never too many of them. That is why the Minimus high table joins our family of tables. A simple structure at the base of which there are different types of legs - metal, wooden, oval or square. The whole is topped with a top of a wide range of sizes. The variety of parameters to choose from based on a simple design is an undoubted advantage of this collection. On offer from Balma since the first quarter of 2023.

Stół Minimus i hokery Pung

Minimus table and Pung hockers


Crox shelf
Design: Piotr Kuchcinski

Crox was created to decorate interiors. These are shelves that can create light and visually dynamic modular arrangements. They add variety to the wall and highlight whatever we choose to place on them. Thanks to the rich colors and combinations of settings, it is possible to create an original and aesthetic element of the interior.

Półki Crox

Crox shelves


For more information, visit the company's Fabryka Mebli BALMA SA page on the PdA portal.

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