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Office furniture, comprehensive office equipment from Balma

09 of December '23

Office furniture, comprehensive office equipment from Balma

Office today

Offices have undergone an evolution, becoming more than just a place to work. A new look at these spaces is transforming not only their appearance, but also revolutionizing the approach to functionality and convenience. Today's offices are not just efficient workstations, but environments designed to evoke creativity, facilitate collaboration and promote employee well-being. BALMA offers products specifically designed to fulfill these tasks.

Stoliki Lumo

Lumo tables


Thoughtful spaces for work and meetings

Contemporary trends in office space design emphasize ergonomics and functionality. The Minimus collection of tables and desks is the answer to these requirements. Its variety allows you to match individual elements to the needs of the user and the aesthetics of the interior. Minimus allows you to create a functional environment providing comfort to users, whether you need a quiet space to focus on a project or a place for dynamic teamwork.

Biurko Minimus, regał Stepps

Minimus desk, Stepps bookcase


Unique form in the office

In an office space, elements that build atmosphere and give it a unique character are important. Lumo tables are precisely such. Their broken geometry and special arrangement of the walls allow light to pass through, which ensures that the table never looks the same. The tables attract attention with their visual lightness and ability to adapt to their purpose and the environment in which they are placed. They perfectly fulfill the role given to them, becoming the focal point of a room or blending discreetly into it.

Biurko Minimus, szafa In

Minimus desk, In cabinet


Communal spaces

Productivity and job satisfaction can be increased in many ways. One of them is to create communal spaces where people can socialize and talk. Podium modular seating addresses today's workplace challenges by encouraging a break from desks, stimulating creativity and fostering teamwork. Podium gives us the opportunity to sit freely, creating a place that encourages conversation, collaborative work and brainstorming. Designed for office and public spaces, lobbies, halls for informal meetings.

Stół wysoki Minimus

Minimus high table


Acoustic comfort at work

Sounds surround us constantly, especially in a dynamic office. We usually don't realize how much they affect our well-being. It is important to take care of the right level of their intensity in the room. Aiming to meet the challenges of the modern office, we created the Bbox acoustic booth, which is a place for casual conversations, online meetings and focused work. The Bbox allows for spontaneous conversations, separating from the office hustle and bustle, while maintaining privacy and not disturbing other employees. All this thanks to excellent acoustics.

Budka akustyczna Bbox

Bbox acoustic booth


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