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Neolith® Sintered Stone in the prestigious realization of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest

01 of April '21

Interiors with Neolith® - mood, aesthetics and prestige
From the series "Hotels - arrangements and trends 2021"

Budapest is a historic city with a unique culture and architecture that ranks among the finest and most exquisite buildings in the world; it is a city with no shortage of impressive visual effects that take your breath away at every step of visiting its attractions. For the recent renovation of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest, two of the most popular surfaces of the market's leading Sintered Stone manufacturer, the NEOLITH POLSKA brand, were selected: the Calacatta Polished and Iron Frost models.

Tworzywo Neolith®
wytwarzane w warunkach „carbon neutral”

The reception area and lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest - Neolith® plastic, because of its aesthetics and because it is manufactured in "carbon neutral" conditions, was chosen for the cladding of the Marriott Hotel early in the design of the building

© Neolith®

Sintered stone - when prestige and aesthetics matter

For a facility located in such an eclectic setting, the world-famous Marriott Hotel Group knew it had to give its all to create a space that would delight guests and visitors as soon as they crossed the hotel's threshold. Deciding to work with Twenty2 degrees architectural studio to execute the project, the hotel chain wanted to use materials that provided high quality performance while providing outstanding aesthetic qualities.

In addition, given the group's robust sustainability strategy, all selected materials had to be low-carbon as an expression of its commitment to the goal of net zero energy consumption by 2050. Neolith® carbon neutral plastic was selected for the cladding early in the facility's design.

Beauty in the morning - building mood with interior design

It's not a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and prepares tourists for a day of sightseeing and business travelers for attending a scheduled conference. First impressions are important, so a visitor's morning mood can be influenced by both the design of the environment and the meal itself.

ala Poranna hotelu
Marriott w Budapeszcie wykończona stylowym, świeżym i promiennym modelem Neolith® Calacatta Polished

The Morning Room of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest finished with stylish, fresh and radiant Neolith® Calacatta Polished

© Neolith®

The Morning Room of theMarriott Hotel in Budapest certainly lifts the spirits and sharpens the senses. In the middle of this space is an expansive breakfast bar finished with a stylish, fresh and radiant Neolith® Calacatta Polished model, which was also used to partially finish the base. In a room designed for dining, cleanliness and hygiene are critical aspects.

Thanks to the distinctive properties of Neolith®, such as water resistance, scratch resistance and the ability to seamlessly connect the boards, the material was a natural choice for use in the area where food and beverages are prepared, presented and consumed on a daily basis.

Na tle paneli
z ciemnego drewna umieszczono dwa imponujące regały wykonane z modelu Calacatta Polished

The conference room of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest - two impressive bookcases made of Calacatta Polished were placed against the dark wood panels

© Neolith®

Business interior aesthetics with Neolith® - less is more

Creating the ideal environment for conducting business transactions is a delicate task that requires balancing many aspects. First of all, it is necessary to create an elegant working environment, but without forgetting about comfort and a cozy atmosphere conducive to cooperation. The overall interior design should not be too crowded, while it is worth taking full advantage of the daylight supply in order to maintain the concentration and motivation of guests using this space for business purposes.

Sala konferencyjna
hotelu Marriott w Budapeszcie

Conference room at the Marriott Hotel in Budapest - interior detail showing the juxtaposition of natural wood and stone textures

© Neolith®

While maintaining the aesthetics of the rest of the hotel, Marriott recognized that in the case of the conference room, less is definitely more. Against a backdrop of dark wood panels and muted gray walls, two impressive bookcases made of Calacatta Polished were placed, helping to create a business-like aesthetic for the interior.

Relaxation in a sophisticated interior

At night, the hotel bustles with life as a centrally located social gathering place for the cream of the "Queen of the Danube" enjoying the property's relaxed, modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

Blat wykonany
z jednej z najciekawszych powierzchni Neolith®, modelu Iron Frost

Elegant bar of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest - countertop made of one of the most interesting Neolith® surfaces, Iron Frost model.

© Neolith®

In the middle of the meeting space is an elegant bar lined with white tiles, standing out against the lacquered parquet floor. But the most impressive element is the tabletop made of one of Neolith®'s most interesting surfaces, the Iron Frost model juxtaposing shiny metallic details with an impeccably white background.

It is certainly a place worth visiting when going for a few evening drinks in this magical, captivating city.

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