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New possibilities in office decorating

25 of January '20

New 2020
Balma STEPPS shelving - now more possibilities!
Design: Piotr Kuchcinski

The unique modular collection of Balma STEPPS bookcases designed by Piotr Kuchcinski is getting a new face! The bookcases received additional functions, they were enriched with flowerbeds, desks, dressing table with mirror, hangers. Mobile bookcases and a cart on wheels also appeared.

Balma STEPPS shelving system is an ideal solution for any interior: office, apartment and public spaces. It is a system that allows you to create wall-mounted, free-standing shelving with access from two sides.

With Balma STEPPS shelving, you can separate passageways, as well as create spaces for work, play or relaxation. The Balma STEPPS system was honored with the prestigious German Design Award 2020 and the Must Have 2019 title.

Novelty 2020
Balma UNU hanger
Design: Piotr Kuchcinski

A hanger with an unusual form. A combination of metal and wood, aesthetics and durability. In addition to the practical function it fulfills it will be an elegant complement to any space.

Solid base and frame create a stable and durable structure. Available in an extensive color scheme, both knobs and frame. Rounded knobs, spaced at different heights, are made of solid wood. The rack of the hanger, including the arms, is powder-coated.

Balma FLOO flower holders
Design: Aleksandra Hyz, Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Balma FLOO is a project created with a green office in mind. A system of geometric metal flowerbeds, used to organize office work and to display plants in offices. The lightweight, modern design for flowers can also serve as a hanger for utensils or a magnetic board for notes.

Biophilic design uses plants to create natural living and working conditions. Offices with no vegetation simply work less efficiently, while where flowers are present, rates are better. It is estimated that this can be a difference of up to 15%. Balma FLOO is the answer to the natural need for contact with nature in the workplace.

The Balma FLOO flowerbed system was among the finalists for the Good Design Award 2019.

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