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Novelties from Equipe - the power of shapes and play with form

27 of November '22

EQUIPE continues to prove that the "Small tiles, big design" motto it follows is its driving force, which is clearly evident in its latest products. The leader in small-format ceramic tiles has once again created unconventional collections that provide endless inspiration and possibilities.

The power of shape and play with form are the common denominator of all Equipe's new products.


Inspired by the climate of the Portuguese coast bathed in sunshine. EQUIPE loves colors, so the most standard (5x20 format) novelty could not lack them, and there are as many as 15 of them, and in two finishes: matte and gloss. Expanding the color feria are the Praia and Onda structural tiles, which perfectly enrich the collection or can be a completely independent interior element.

COSTA NOVA Praia Pink Stony Matt 5x20 cm

COSTA NOVA Praia Pink Stony Matt 5x20 cm.



A completely innovative shape in the form of a ceramic tile, which allows you to let your imagination run free. A wealth of colors (11 colors) and two versions of finish (matte and gloss), which can be combined to create an amazing effect that creates many possibilities, but that's not all, because with the encouragement and guidance of EQUIPE designers, interiors can gain an unprecedented character through the use of colored grouts, which in the case of this collection can transform its appearance beyond recognition.

CURVE Ink Blue Matt 8,3x12 cm

CURVE Ink Blue Matt 8.3x12 cm



Classics in modern form, this is the most apt description of the KASBAH collection. The classic pattern of Moroccan mosaic filled with cubes has gained freedom and freshness thanks to the breaking of the form. This has been achieved thanks to the innovative shape of the tile, i.e. an X-shaped tile available in 5 colors can be filled with cubes available in 8 colors, each of them in matte or gloss version, which in addition can be freely combined with each other to create a truly individual interior character.

KASBAH Fawn 12x12 cm + Taco Verd 3,2x3,2 cm

KASBAH Fawn 12x12 cm + Taco Verd 3.2x3.2 cm



Subtle dynamism expressed in the form of concave and convex tiles, which with their volume allow to shape unique interiors. Subdued colors in the form of 10 colors and two versions of finish (matte and gloss) form a base, the beauty of which is emphasized by the play of light touching its wavy surface.


The arc shape is back in a big way. The curved line is the characteristic silhouette of this collection, which with its cut brings harmony and elegance drawn from nature to interiors. Colors available in 10 variants, finished in gloss, create soothing interiors that encourage relaxation.

WAVE Old Cream Gloss 12x12 c

WAVE Old Cream Gloss 12x12 c


For more information, visit the company's EUROCERAMIKA page on PdA.

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