Buderus heat pumps - some of the most efficient heating devices

Buderus heat pumps

These are air pumps that draw energy from the air in monoblock and split versions, and ground pumps that draw energy from the ground.
Logatherm WLW196i units are included in the "air" group in the monoblock category. They are available in four heating capacities nominally: 6, 8, 11 and 14 kW and are characterized by high operating efficiency. The operating efficiency coefficient COP at +7 degrees even reaches a value close to 5. The units are available together with 4 indoor models. In addition to their unconventional appearance - the front of the unit is made of titanium glass in white or black, each of them has a different role. Three of them are designed for new-build buildings (two of them have a built-in hot water cylinder and one is for hanging on the wall). While the last one is dedicated to buildings where a retrofit of an existing boiler room is taking place. By combining a heat pump with one of the indoor models, we have an almost complete boiler room assembled. Each of the Logatherm WLW196i heat pumps is equipped with a module for communication via the Internet. It is also worth mentioning that the Logatherm WLW196i heat pump comes in an AR variant for outdoor installation and an IR variant for indoor installation, where air is supplied through air ducts.
The Logatherm WPLS.2 air source split heat pumps are designed in a similar way, with 4 heating capacities (6, 8 11 and 13 kW) and 4 indoor units with similar specifications to the monoblock heat pumps. The operating efficiency at +7 reaches a value of 4.8. The maximum supply temperature of the heating system is 57 degrees, while for monoblock pumps it is 62 degrees.

Buderus Logatherm
WLW196i AR

Logatherm WLW196i AR

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Both types of the aforementioned heat pumps are equipped with an inverter, or a device that regulates the speed of the compressor, resulting in variable heating power, which allows it to be adjusted to the heat demand of the building. In addition, both types (monoblock and split) are reversible, which means that in addition to the heating function, they have a cooling function. So in addition to thermal comfort in the heating period, they provide comfort in the summer by lowering the temperature in the building. In the winter period, all air heat pumps work up to an outside temperature of - 20 degrees. If the temperature is lower, the heat pump is equipped with an additional heat source, which is an electric reheater, which provides further heat supply or cooperates with another existing heat source such as a boiler. It must be remembered that the occurrence of such a low temperature is quite rare in our climatic zone, so the work of the reheater or boiler is largely limited.

Each of the above-mentioned heat pumps has the ability to communicate remotely using the free MyDevice application available for Android as well as iOS, allowing you to control the temperature in the building, regulate hot water, set time programs, or record the history of the installation parameters.

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Heat pump

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In addition, Buderus offers heat pumps that draw energy from the air integrated with a storage tank with a capacity of 200 to 270 liters, just for heating water - Logatherm WPT.
Buderus' range of ground source heat pumps includes Logatherm WSW196i.2 and WSW186. These are devices with modulating heating power. Modulation of heating power occurs in the range from 3 to 16 kW. The heat pump has a compact design, as both the heat pump and the DHW tank are housed in one housing. In addition, a module for communication via the Internet is built in, as well as circulating pumps, a diaphragm vessel, and an electric reheater. This heat pump can be used for both new and retrofit buildings. Logatherm WSW196i.2 is equipped with an interesting function of measuring energy from the lower source, which is supposed to protect it from overexploitation. A noteworthy feature of this unit is that the front casing is made of titanium glass, as in the Logatherm WLW196i. In contrast, the front of the Logatherm WSW186 pump is made of steel.

Both air-source and ground-source, which can work with photovoltaic panels.

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Ground heat pump

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Logatherm heat pumps use electricity for their operation, but they do so very efficiently. Compared to traditional electric heating, they need about 4 to 5 times less energy to function. As a result, there is no need for high-power installed panels.
When the heat pump receives a signal for the production of free electricity, it can start up and produce more heat, which can be accumulated, for example, in a buffer or in an underfloor heating system, increase the temperature of hot water compared to standard settings, or in the summer operate for the cooling of the building.
In this way, with enough electricity from photovoltaic panels, the heat pump runs 100% for free, with no electricity charges.
Logatherm heat pumps can be combined with both new and existing photovoltaic installations.

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Air-to-water heat pump

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