The most popular materials for making a fence - an overview of solutions

Buying and installing a fence is a sizable investment, so you should think carefully about what type of fence will be best for your property. There are many solutions on the market, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages - it is worth knowing the most important and popular ones before making the final purchase. What materials can be used to make a fence? See our overview of solutions.

What features should a good fence have?

A fence should, of course, be aesthetically pleasing and visually match the entire building, but it is worth remembering that one of its most important functions is also to provide greater security for householders. So before we focus on discussing specific solutions, let's look at the most important features of a secure fence for the home. What should you keep in mind?

  • Avoid a ladder-like structure - no matter what type of fence you decide on, avoid ladder-like structures that would only unnecessarily encourage potential burglars.
  • Appropriate height - the fence should be min. 1.5 meters to make it impossible or significantly more difficult to cross or jump over it.

  • Sturdy construction - if your fence is supposed to improve the security of your home, make sure it has a sturdy structure that resists tipping attempts.

What solutions do you have to choose from?

If you are planning to buy a fence, you can choose between several options that differ in durability, price or visual aspects, among others. Learn about the most popular ones and choose the option that is most beneficial to you.

Metal fences

Metal fences look great as the surroundings of modern buildings. Cool steel combined with a simple form fits perfectly into minimalist arrangements. If, on the other hand, you are keen on a metal fence, but are looking for something that will suit a classic-style house, you can bet on panels made of decorative, bent steel.

Metal is very durable and resistant to damage, and if it is coated with special protective agents, it also becomes resistant to corrosion. Thus, a fence made of this material will be a great choice for those who care about security and are looking for a solution that will be almost maintenance-free for many years. Metal fencing can also be purchased at a relatively good price.

Metalowe ogrodzenie może prezentować się bardzo lekko, a jednocześnie jest niezwykle trwałe i odporne na uszkodzenia.

Metal fencing can look very light, and at the same time is extremely durable and resistant to damage.

Photo by Dilmeer Hazoor © Unsplash

Concrete fences

Concrete fences are the ideal solution if you are looking for something durable that will at the same time seal off your neighbors' gazes. Concrete slabs used for fences can be solid or partially openwork. Concrete fences are resistant to harsh weather conditions, such as harsh sun, frost or snow. It is worth remembering that concrete panels are very heavy, and you will need a crane to install them. You can choose a fence in the color of natural concrete or opt for stained concrete for a more original and interesting effect.

Wooden fences

Wooden fences are an option created for lovers of classics. Traditional wooden spans accompanied by concrete posts are suitable for classic or rustic style houses, among others. Wood is a natural material that always looks beautiful, but it is worth remembering that this type of fence will be the most demanding to maintain. The fence is constantly exposed to harmful weather conditions, such as strong sun, rain, snow or frost. This is why it is so important that the wooden spans are properly and regularly treated. If you neglect this activity, the fence will look unsightly, and the wood will begin to warp and crumble.

Wire mesh fences

If you are looking for a budget solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable, bet on wire sulfur fencing. A very good solution is to choose prefabricated panels of welded mesh, which is more durable and rigid than the woven one. Such a fence is lightweight and easy to install. The mesh will work great if you do not want to obstruct the view from outside the plot boundary or plan to plant the area around the fence with dense vegetation, which in itself will provide a visually appealing cover.

Ogrodzenie z siatki to praktyczne, estetyczne i budżetowe rozwiązanie.

Mesh fencing is a practical, aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly solution.

Photo by Simon Maage © Unsplash

Gabion fences

An interesting way to shield the plot from the surroundings is gabion fencing. A gabion fence consists of a special steel mesh that is filled with aggregate, such as stones, concrete or leftover bricks. You can fill the metal baskets with really any material of your own or purchased specifically for this purpose from a construction store. Gabion fencing can look very aesthetically pleasing, and because of its solidity and heavy weight, it significantly increases the security of the plot itself, as well as the interior of the house. Gabion fences also have good insulation properties and will effectively dampen sounds coming from, for example, a busy street.

When choosing a fence for your home, consider aspects such as security, privacy and durability of materials. Also consider whether you are looking for something maintenance-free, or whether you are comfortable with the need for periodic waterproofing. Think through what your priorities are and, based on that, choose the solution that best meets your needs.

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Compiled by:OLGA TRĘDOTA