What to paint a fence, railing, roof, gutters, metal garden furniture or sheet metal garage with?

POLIFARB-ŁÓDŹ recommends proven specialized paints for various surfaces

For a properly long-lasting coating it is very important to prepare the painted surface properly. It is also important when and under what conditions we carry out the planned work. The best time to clean and renovate a metal fence is spring, summer and early autumn. You should not paint the metal surface heated above 40°C. Optimal conditions are 15-25°C at a relative humidity of no more than 80%. Selecting the right tools for the type of surface to be painted is also a very important factor. For priming metal surfaces, you should not use a roller, because you can unnecessarily force air into the cavities, and with it moisture, from which corrosion begins. A brush can be used to apply paint, especially for painting rods and smaller parts. Large metal surfaces are most conveniently painted with a roller or spray gun.

Nowadays we have several methods to choose from for refinishing metal surfaces.

Traditionally, we can use primer paint for this purpose, and finally protect with a topcoat, then our work should begin with a thorough removal of rust. This can be done with a wire brush, although this is hard work, so for this purpose it is better to use special tools(drill with a brush wheel, metal sandblasting equipment). The surface prepared in this way is painted first with primer paint, and then with at least two coats of topcoat paint. A metal surface prepared and painted in this way will serve us for many years. From Polifarb-Lodz's offer, you can choose LOWIKOR-2 or LONIKOR primer paint, respectively, and use LOWIGRAF or LOWIGRAF-Pur topcoat paint, as well as LOWICYN brand paints.

Metalowe meble ogrodowe

Painted metal surface


More and more people are opting for an easier solution to renew metal surfaces.

Primer-emulsion paints combine the features of an anti-corrosion primer and a topcoat. Gruntoemals are applied directly to the corroded surface, bypassing the primer and primer coat. It protects against possible rusting. Acrylic-alkyd primer for rust STAL-KOR, due to the content of anti-corrosive pigments and reactive additives, protects iron alloys from corrosion and inhibits further development. In addition, it dries very quickly: it becomes dust-dry in 15 minutes at 20°C. The paint coating is semi-matte or matte, depending on the type.
LOWIGRAf-Pur polyurethane primer has similar properties. It can be used for painting steel, galvanized steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, materials of mineral origin (concrete, brick).
Due to the content of anti-corrosive and metallic pigments, it protects iron alloys well against corrosion.

Brama pomalowana farbą marki Polifarb

Primer paints on a metal surface


Coatings painted with LOWIGRAf-Pur perfectly withstand operational exposures resulting from high humidity of air containing salt aerosols and industrial gases, continuous condensation, precipitation with soluble salts and gases, direct sunlight, periodic splashing of the structure with aqueous brine solution (resulting, e.g. due to proximity to the sea, vehicle traffic), exposure to vapors of organic solvents and liquid fuels.

The coating is hard, matte, also with the effect of matte structure leveling small irregularities of the substrate. Coatings painted with the appropriate thickness of LOWIGRAF-Pur primer (about 100-150 µm) will protect the painted surfaces for up to 15 years.

In addition, LOWIGRAF and LOWIGRAF-Pur contain metallic pigments that cause the paint to gently change its appearance with the changing angle of light.

The second variant, which is much easier in terms of application, is METAMAL water-based primer.

It is designed for the protection of steel, iron and metal, mineral, wood surfaces, as well as for the renovation of old paint coatings. It can be used without priming with another paint. Grunto-emale imparts an aesthetically pleasing, smooth, matte coating.

Gruntoemalia wodorozcieńczalna METAMAL

METAMAL water-borne primer paint


Its advantage in the market is that it has a very low content of volatile compounds (no more than 60 g/dm3), which means that it is safe for the user and the environment.

The choice of products for painting metal surfaces is very large, and it is up to us what product we choose. However, it should be remembered that it is very important to apply the product in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, and the renewed surface will be properly protected for many years.

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