Heat pump - the heart of your home

Looking for a comfortable and inexpensive heating system, we are increasingly considering the use of a heat pump. First of all, we count on it to provide us with low heating costs and to work reliably for several decades. So it should come as no surprise that the popularity of heat pumps, year after year, is growing.

However, it should be remembered that, as with any device - heat pump, heat pump is not equal. And increasingly
conscious investors today demand from these devices - not only efficient operation, reliability and high quality, but also
maintenance-free and multi-tasking.

Pompy ciepła typu
Vitocal 200-S

Vitocal 200-S heat pumps

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Air-source heat pumps: monoblock vs. split

Air-source heat pumps extract energy from the air, even when its temperature is low, and convert it into heat for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating of buildings and domestic water. Among devices of this type you can find monoblock and split heat pumps. What is worth knowing about them?

Heat pump operation

Air-to-water split and monoblock heat pumps work in the same way. They take the energy accumulated in the air
and turn it into heat transferred to the heating water in the central heating system. Both types of devices work very
efficiently and can achieve the same performance (both the Vitocal 200-S split heat pump and the Vitocal 200-A monobloc heat pump, with heating capacities from 5 to 17.4 kW, have an energy efficiency class A++ and provide low operating costs thanks to a high COP of up to 5.0 (A7/W35)). Both types of units can also provide cooling for buildings, and can be powered by electricity generated by a home photovoltaic system.

Pompy ciepła typu
Vitocal 200-A

Vitocal 200-A type heat pumps

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Construction of monoblock and split heat pumps

The difference lies in the construction of monoblock and split heat pumps. In split heat pumps - the condenser (i.e. heat exchanger) is mounted in the indoor unit (installed inside the building), while the evaporator, compressor, expansion valve are located in the outdoor unit. The refrigeration system is thus separated into two units. They are connected by pipes through which the refrigerant circulates.

In the case of monoblock heat pumps, the entire refrigeration system is contained in a single unit. It is hermetic, entirely
made in the factory. Monobloc heat pumps can, like splits, consist of two units. Then, in the unit
external unit contains a hermetically sealed refrigeration system and the internal unit contains, for example, a water heater, a three-way switching valve for heating/water heating, a circulating pump and a controller. The indoor and outdoor units of the monobloc heat pump are connected by water pipes.

Installation of an air pump

Another key difference between monoblock and split heat pumps lies in their installation. In the case of split heat pumps, part of the refrigeration installation is done by the installer at the time of installation, so he or she must additionally have a refrigeration license (the so-called F-gas license). In the case of monoblock heat pumps, the installer does not interfere with the refrigeration system, he only performs the connection on the water side. A hermetically sealed refrigeration system ensures that the heat pump is airtight. It also eliminates the risk of possible leaks and significantly reduces the risk of installation errors.

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przystosowane są do maksymalnego wykorzystania prądu z własnej instalacji fotowoltaicznej

Viessmann heat pumps are designed to make maximum use of electricity from their own photovoltaic system

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