Which electrical sockets should you choose? Practical tips

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  1. You can choose from single-phase, three-phase, flush-mounted, surface-mounted, smart, furniture and USB-port outlets.
  2. Sockets for the bathroom have special protection against moisture.
  3. Sockets for the children's room may have features to prevent accidental insertion of fingers or objects into the contact.
  4. Before starting any work on installing an outlet, make sure the power is completely off.
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The proper and safe use of electrical appliances is a key aspect of maintaining our comfort and safety. Electrical outlets are therefore a fundamental part of the electrical infrastructure of our homes. How to choose the right electrical accessories? Learn about our tips!

Choosing electrical outlets

Where to buy electrical outlets?

Choosing electrical equipment from a proven manufacturer will ensure our safety and guarantee trouble-free use for a long time. One such company is Karlik Elektrotechnik. Other manufacturers worthy of attention are TEM and Ospel. The full list of manufacturers we recommend can be found in the search engine of the Home Products portal under the keyword "sockets".

Odpowiednie gniazdka zapewniają bezpieczeństwo korzystania z urządzeń elektrycznych

Proper sockets ensure the safe use of electrical appliances

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Types of electrical outlets

Smart sockets

Modern solutions that allow you to remotely control the power supply to electrical appliances using smartphones, tablets, remote controllers or voice. These smart outlets can be part of smart home systems.

Flush-mounted sockets

This type of outlet is placed inside the wall so that it is almost invisible and blends in with the aesthetics of the interior. Thus, it is ideal for minimalist arrangements.

Surface-mounted sockets

These sockets are mounted on the surface of a wall or other surface. Surface-mounted sockets are used in cases where it is difficult to place a socket inside the wall, for example, in places where it is necessary to interfere with the structure of the building or where there are technical difficulties associated with hiding electrical wires.

Single-phase sockets

Commonly found, they are a basic component of the electrical infrastructure in most households. They are used to supply single-phase electricity to appliances.

Three-phase sockets

They are used to supply three-phase current to larger appliances and systems that require a lot of power. Three-phase receptacles are widely used in industry, manufacturing plants and commercial facilities.

Sockets with USB ports

They additionally contain USB ports, allowing devices to be charged without the need for traditional plugs. These are convenient solutions that allow you to charge smartphones, tablets, portable speakers and other devices without the need for converters or adapters.

Furniture sockets

Also known as countertop outlets or under-counter outlets, these are a type of electrical outlet specifically designed to be placed in furniture or countertops to allow easy access to power. Furniture s ockets are a convenient solution especially in kitchens and offices.

Gniazdka mogą posiadać dodatkowe funkcje np. porty USB

The sockets can have additional features such as USB ports

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What kind of sockets to choose for the bathroom?

Socketsin the bathroom are an indispensable piece of equipment, allowing you to connect electrical appliances, such as hair dryers, electric shavers, hair straighteners, in a safe way. For this reason, there are special sockets available on the market, adapted for use in areas exposed to moisture. Sockets for the bathroom are designed with user safety in mind, so they have safety features that prevent water and steam from entering the socket. Often they also have an IP (Degree of Protection) marking indicating what environmental conditions they can withstand. For example, outlets with an IP44 designation are resistant to water splashes, while those with an IP65 designation are more resistant to water and can be used in areas subject to heavier splashes.

Sockets for a child's room

Above all, an interior for a toddler must be safe. So it's worth choosing electrical fixtures that have special contact protection to prevent accidental insertion of fingers or objects. It is also a good idea to mark outlets with colors or symbols that will help children identify which ones are appropriate for use.

Przed rozpoczęciem jakiejkolwiek pracy związanej z instalacją gniazdka, upewnij się, że zasilanie jest całkowicie wyłączone.

Before starting any work related to installing an outlet, make sure the power is completely off

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How to connect an electrical outlet?

Turn off the power supply

Before starting any work related to the installation of an outlet, make sure the power supply is completely off. Proper protection of the installation is crucial for your safety.


Choose a suitable location for the outlet according to your needs and standards. Make sure the outlet is convenient to use.

Prepare the hole

If you are installing a flush-mounted outlet, you must prepare a hole in the wall according to the dimensions of the outlet. If it is a surface-mounted outlet, make sure the installation site is properly prepared.

Connecting the wires

Unscrew the cover of the outlet and connect the electrical wires according to the color (usually black, white and green-yellow for phase, neutral and protective wires). Screw the wires to the appropriate points on the outlet.

Securing the outlet

If the outlet has a cover or shield, secure it in place.

Accuracy and aesthetics

Once the installation is complete, turn on the power and test the outlet to see if it works properly. Make sure everything is accurately connected and fastened. If it's a flush-mounted outlet, take a look to make sure it's evenly positioned and screwed in correctly.

Safety features

Also consider adding surge protectors or other safety features.


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