Small big choice. How to choose light switches and electrical outlets?

15 of September '22

Seemingly small, however, they are of great importance. After all, the right electrical equipment determines the functionality of the entire apartment. So what to pay attention to when buying it?

Types of switches and sockets

There is a choice of candlestick switches and single- or double-pole switches. Chandelier switches are equipped with a minimum of two buttons. They are used when several points of light will be activated in one place, for example, in a chandelier divided into two zones. Both single- and double-pole switches have a single button. Single-pole ones are good for switching lights on and off in one place. Bipolar ones are used when two circuits under different voltages that require common control are switched on simultaneously. Sockets, on the other hand, are divided by the way they are mounted. So we have surface-mounted and flush-mounted sockets. Surface-mounted sockets are very easy to install. Due to their high degree of protection, they are ideal for utility rooms and outdoor use. A less visible, and therefore more aesthetically pleasing option, are flush-mounted sockets. They are commonly used in residential interiors, since the wiring here is hidden in a box in the wall.

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Surface-mounted electrical fixtures

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Switches for special tasks

However, modern light switches with additional functions are also available on the market. Staircase switches allow you to operate light on different floors with a single button. Most often you will find a staircase symbol on them. Cross switches, on the other hand, are designed to control light from three or more locations. Touch switches and those controlled by Wi-Fi are also interesting choices, which allow you to control the light even when you are away from home. A solution that combines practicality and aesthetics, on the other hand, is light switches with a built-in backlighting module. It adds a modern touch and makes it possible to find the switch in the dark. Switches equipped with a special sensor turn on the light when motion is detected and automatically turn it off when it disappears. This is an ideal choice for the staircase, hallway, basement or garage. They are also useful in a bathroom used by children or the elderly. Dimmers, which give you a choice of light intensity, are also practical. They are usually controlled by the touch of a plate, remote control, knob or slider.

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Electrical accessories

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In a beautiful frame

Let's not forget about aesthetic qualities as well. The appearance of electrical fixtures is most influenced by the frame. Fortunately, in this area manufacturers give us a really wide choice. From classic wooden frames through elegant and durable glass frames, to stylish metal frames and unconventional concrete frames. To ensure that electrical accessories do not disturb the interior design, it is best to bet on products from one series. In addition, the right color is extremely important. Switches and sockets in the color of the wall will create an elegant and subdued effect, which is ideal for minimalist interiors. However, if we want to go a little crazy, we can bet on a frame in a contrasting color. Distinctive gold-colored switches can become a stylish flavor of the entire interior design. While in rooms in the industrial style we can perversely use surface-mounted sockets. American-style lever switches will also be an original element.

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Switch in a concrete frame

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Arrangement of sockets and light switches

An inadequately designed electrical installation can make our lives significantly more difficult. To avoid the use of extension cords and coils of unsightly cables, it is necessary to think carefully about the proper placement of electrical fixtures. Its distribution and quantity depends on individual needs. You need to take into account, first of all, the size of the family and the amount of electronic equipment used. Light switches are usually mounted on the wall on the handle side. They should be located about 15 centimeters from the door and 1.5 meters from the floor. Sockets, on the other hand, are placed near the ground.

In bathrooms, it is best to use special sockets with flaps to protect them from flooding. They should be located near the mirror about 1.5 m from the floor. This will make the use of a hair dryer or other hair styling devices convenient. We must also be careful about water in the kitchen. Sockets should be located away from the sink. The optimal location is about 15 centimeters above the countertop. Power sources must also be installed next to appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and microwave. We also need to plan several light sources in the kitchen. Particularly in the work area. Due to the volume of audio and video equipment, in the living room it is best to bet on a panel of several outlets. In the bedroom, on the other hand, let's remember to place outlets on both sides of the bed.

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Electrical outlets

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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