The chandelier - a classic all over again

10 of June '22

Are you looking for original lighting for your living room? Or maybe you want to add a romantic touch to your bedroom? The perfect answer will be a chandelier.

W loftowym wnętrzu warto postawić na rozłożysty żyrandol

In a loft interior it is worth betting on a spreading chandelier

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych © PEXELS

Perfect fit

When choosing a chandelier, we should be guided primarily by the style in which the room was decorated. For example, a chandelier made of wood and transparent glass will fit into a Scandinavian-style interior. Such models look light, so they are ideal for small rooms. In a loft interior it is worth betting on a spreading chandelier with long cables. This type of lamp is also called a spider. A large chandelier will be perfect for tall rooms. It will not only be the decoration and focal point of the arrangement, but also fill the space under the ceiling.

Duży żyrandol świetnie sprawdzi się w wysokich pomieszczeniach

A large chandelier will look beautiful in a tall room

photo by Naim Benjelloun © PEXELS

For lovers of classics

Traditional chandeliers will fit perfectly into classic and glamour style interiors. They will work best as the centerpiece of a living room or dining room. Due to their exclusive nature and representative appearance, they will look great placed over a large table. For spacious rooms, it is worth choosing models with glass shades. Thanks to this, we will evenly disperse the light throughout the interior. A classic chandelier with crystals will also give a romantic touch to the bedroom. Adding satin bedding, a large number of pillows and ornate curtains, we will create a place for ourselves to relax and unwind from everyday life. Such an arrangement is also ideal for fans of vintage style.

W stonowanym wnętrzu oryginalny żyrandol odegra główną rolę

In a subdued interior, the original chandelier will play a major role

Photo: Max Vakhtbovych © PEXELS

Modern form

Nowadays you will find a wide variety of models, adapted to modern interiors. For example, deciding on a minimalist style arrangement does not at all exclude having a chandelier. Modern models are made of metal in subdued colors. They are also distinguished by their simple form. In addition, LED lighting can be used in them. Modern chandeliers can also be used to subtly delineate zones in a room, for example, a living room with a kitchen. This is because they beautifully outline the light boundaries.

Na szczególną uwagę zasługują modele, które zastępują klasyczne klosze np. przedmiotami codziennego użytku. Jeśli jesteś miłośnikiem oryginalnego designu, żyrandol jest dla Ciebie idealnym wyborem.

Particularly noteworthy are models that replace classic lampshades with everyday objects, for example.

photo by Max Vakhtbovych| Pixabay © PEXELS

A touch of madness

If you are a fan of original design, a chandelier is the perfect choice for you. You can find extremely fanciful designs on the market. From intriguing forms, through unusual materials to a complete break from what we associate with a chandelier. Particularly noteworthy are models that replace classic lampshades with everyday objects, for example. You can also make such a unique decoration yourself. We are limited only by our imagination.

Elaboration Katarzyna Szostak

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