Ways to have a safe home for your child

19 of January '22

A lot changes in everyone's life when a child appears. It's a complete revolution - not only in our lives, but also in our apartment. Right from the beginning we look around for a crib, a changing table, more items appear in our homes. However, as time goes by, the baby begins to explore more and more space, and there may be dangers lurking there! What do we need to keep in mind in our homes to keep it safe when our baby starts to be mobile and curious?

Dzieci z wiekiem stają
się coraz ciekawsze otaczającego je świata

As children get older, they become more curious about the world around them

© Nathan Dumalo

General rules

- Cover the edges and corners of furniture to prevent injury.
- Secure all unused electrical outlets.
- Try not to allow your child access to small objects that he or she can easily swallow.
- Keep all matches and lighters out of children's reach.
- Use restrictors that prevent windows from opening. Try to open windows from the top more often.
- Secure the stairs. Once your child learns to walk around the house, he or she will start exploring the house. To maximize safety, install railings where stairs and balconies are accessed.

Uważajmy na małe przedmioty,
które z łatwością nasze pociechy mogą połknąć

Let's watch out for small objects that our kids can easily swallow

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- This is a room full of hazards. If possible, it is a good idea to completely fence it off when you are not around.
- Cleaning products such as drain openers, automatic dishwasher detergents and furniture polish are toxic. Secure the cabinet with a special lock or place chemicals high, far out of a child's reach
- Cutlery and sharp knives are extremely dangerous items. They can easily fall off the countertop, injuring a toddler. Store them in a properly secured countertop cabinet.
- It's not enough to place medications up high. It is best to secure them with a key lock. Even the elemental iron in vitamins can be fatal if ingested in large enough quantities.
- Don't use tablecloths. Little hands can grab them and pull off dishes and other items on the little head
- Cook on the back burners if possible. Keep pot and pan handles facing the back of the stove.
- Hide the oven knobs. Often in newer appliances we have this option. However, if you can't hide the knobs, try securing it so a toddler can't accidentally start it.

Szafki łazienkowe mogą być
źródłem zagrożenia

Bathroom cabinets can be a source of danger

© Eric McLean


- The bathroom is also a dangerous room for a toddler. You can use door handle caps to restrict accessibility to this room. These require you to squeeze them to open the door, which is difficult for young children.
- Keep cosmetics out of children's reach. Likewise for pills. Lock products with a magnetic latch or use a childproof container.
- Try to keep the floor dry. Set up a mop in the bathroom to wipe down tiles as needed. Wet surfaces increase the risk of falls. It is a good idea when designing a bathroom to separate functional zones that reduce this risk.
- Unplug any appliances. If your child turns on the hair dryer while it's plugged in, she could get burned, and if she drops it into a sink or bathtub full of water, she could get an electric shock.

Dzieci uwielbiają się

Kids love to climb

© Pixinio


- Make sure the crib rungs are not too far apart. The gapsbetween the rungs should be between 4.5 cm and 6.5 cm. Wider gaps can trap the baby's head.
- Keep changing articles within reach of the changing table. Never leave a baby unattended on a changing table.
- Make sure all heavy shelves and bookcases have no way to tip over. If necessary, secure such furniture by attaching it to the wall.

Uważajmy na niebezpieczne
przedmioty znajdujące się w szufladach

Watch out for dangerous items in drawers

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Living room

- Keep cords for curtains and blinds out of children's reach.
- Try to keep electrical cords out of children's reach. And make sure none are frayed.
- Keep furniture away from windows. This prevents children from climbing on furniture and falling out of windows.
- Place a barrier around fireplaces and other heat sources.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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