The tradition of the family-owned Hufgard company in Europe dates back to 1720, and its name is associated with high competence and experience in the production of building materials.

In Poland, Hufgard Optolith began its operations more than 18 years ago. Production based on the best raw materials with the use of modern production technologies allows us to produce products with the highest quality parameters. All products are checked for quality by the factory laboratory and by specialized research units and laboratories at home and abroad. The production offer of Hufgard Optolith in Poland includes a wide range of products: building mortars and plasters, insulation systems, adhesives for tiles and stone, paints and primers, interior decorative materials. All our products are free of chemical organic compounds hazardous to health and the environment, and their production is ecologically safe. Our priority is to provide proper and professional customer service, from order acceptance, technical advice and service, to delivery of goods and supervision of workmanship. Hufgard Optolith products are available in the distribution network at home and abroad. We invite you to cooperate with us. Our representatives remain at your disposal for technical advice.

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