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Protect our environment with CEMEX products

03 of June '21

CEMEX offers eco-friendly solutions with unique properties. One of them is PERVIA path, an open-textured pavement with the ability to freely and quickly drain rainwater from the surface to deeper layers. The other product is the Vertua® family of reduced-carbon concretes. Depending on the solution, Vertua® products make it possible to reduceCO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to a reference concrete based on CEM I 42.5R, the most popular Portland cement in Poland.

PERVIA paths are pavements that support responsible water management, affecting the enhancement of groundwater resources and the balance of our environment. The water-permeable PERVIA path can reduce the rapid rise of water in rivers after heavy rainfall and after spring melt. It contributes to reducing the effects of floods that occur during spring and summer periods in Poland.

Thanks to its unusual properties, PERVIA path permeates water and transfers it to deeper soil levels improving groundwater balance. This is possible thanks to a specially designed open structure consisting of a network of interconnected voids that allow water to flow freely.

PERVIA path is perfect as a surface for driveways or terraces. It can also be used to design decorative garden paths or bicycle routes. All applications combine strength, durability and concern for the environment and water resources.

Another environmentally friendly solution, is the new Vertua® group of concretes, enabling the reduction ofCO2 emissions into the atmosphere. These products are part of CEMEX's global commitment to reduce individualCO2 emissions by 35 percent by 2030 and to produce concrete with net zeroCO2 emissions by 2050.

The decarbonization of Vertua® concretes for widespread use in construction projects is made possible through the use of optimized formulations based on low-carbon raw materials, including cements with reducedCO2 emissions, and the optimization of production and supply chain technologies.

With a reduced carbon footprint and even the possibility of full CO2 reduction (Vertua® zero), the product meets sustainable construction criteria. Vertua® concretes enable a carbon footprint reduction of up to 30% for the Vertua® classic product and up to 50% for Vertua® plus compared to reference concretes based on the most popular Portland cement CEM I 42.5R.

Vertua® concretes have analogous properties to traditionally used concretes, so we can universally apply them at any stage of the project according to the designed parameters of the mix. Vertua® products help to realize the strategy of sustainable development of any company that decides to use it, as well as to build its image as an environmentally friendly company.

For CEMEX green products, contact:

Vertua® - Product Manager Piotr Cencek,, tel. 607238822

PERVIA - Product Manager Michal Kaluzynski,, tel. 605744260

For more information on CEMEX green products, visit:

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