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Hygiene in public toilets without compromise - SCHELL touchless faucets

04 of June '21

Pure quality - designing public toilets with SCHELL touchless faucets

Designing sanitary spaces in public buildings is quite a challenge. Not only must they meet certain standards, but they should also be presentable and maximally functional. Recently, the requirements of increased hygiene have also become particularly important. Therefore, today it is hard to imagine modern bathrooms without intelligent infrared solutions. Advanced functions related to hygiene, durability and comfort are offered by SCHELL designer electronic faucets.

Public toilets are used by a very wide spectrum of users on a daily basis. The design of toilets in an office building to be used by managers should be approached differently, while sanitary areas in a stadium, which are heavily used by a wide range of users, are planned differently. Architecturally, public toilets are meant to be an ornament to the building, but they also need to be durable, trouble-free and even vandal-resistant. In an era of concern for the level of natural resources, the solutions with which the sanitary space is to be equipped should significantly reduce water consumption, as well as ensure the highest possible quality. Such designer, functional and carefully thought-out technologies can be found in a wide range of electronic washbasin faucets of the XERIS E, PURIS E , CELIS E and MODUS E series bySCHELL.

Touchless design in public restrooms

When designing public spaces, architects want to give them an individual character. However, they are often confronted with hard design requirements and standards imposed in advance, which presuppose appropriate space development and functionality. With all design challenges in mind, the XERIS E series of faucets was created, which includes several versions of electronic faucets in different sizes, so you can choose the solution that best suits your individual application. Throughout the series, you can find as many as 28 different models available in different sizes from S to L, so you can easily match it to the size of your washbasin. The high functionality of XERIS faucets goes hand in hand with a design of the highest order. The XERIS E-T model was designed by renowned designer Uwe Spannagel and has been honored with global design awards such as the Iconic Award and the German Design Award.

{Image@url=https://cdn.architekturaibiznes.pl/upload/galerie/51667/images/original/2b9b98faf5d8bf35044c82e84f4e5963.jpg,alt=Bateria electronic SCHELL XERIS E-T,title=Electronic SCHELL XERIS E-T Battery}

SCHELL XERIS E-T electronic faucet
- durable and modern electronic faucets equipped with a thermostat have become a new quality in public toilets


Hygiene and health above all

Today, the primary direction for designing public toilets is to equip them in such a way as to limit the possibility of direct contact between users and potentially contaminated surfaces. The best example is the often-touched casings of traditional faucets, which can harbor all sorts of microorganisms or viruses. According to the WHO, up to 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted precisely through the hands. Fittings of the XERIS E, PURIS E, CELIS E and MODUS E series fully eliminate such risks, as they can be operated completely touchless.

In addition to mixed water models, there are also designs equipped with a mixer with a subtle lever to regulate water or with a thermostat in the XERIS E-T version, which provides maximum comfort and safety. It is worth noting that all SCHELL faucets have streamlined shapes and a perfectly smooth surface from which water flows, making them very easy to clean. The materials used for SCHELL faucets are suitable for contact with drinking water. They meet all current hygienic requirements under the PN-EN 1717 standard (Protection of drinking water from secondary contamination) and the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the quality of drinking water.

{Infrared washbasin faucet SCHELL MODUS E,title=Infrared washbasin faucet SCHELL MODUS E}

Infrared washbasin faucet SCHELL MODUS E


Durability with a capital "T"

Investors are increasingly paying attention to the durability and reliability of solutions dedicated to public toilets, as they are exposed to intensive use. The designers of SCHELL electronic faucets have taken into account even the most unforeseen situations. All models are made of the highest quality chrome-plated brass, which guarantees their high resistance to any damage even in extreme situations. In very demanding applications, the minimalist MODUS E spout will prove its worth, which has been deprived of any protruding or moving mechanisms that could be damaged. Care has even been taken to prevent uncontrolled outflow of water in case of jamming of the photocell. The high-quality material used for all SCHELL faucets is as resistant as possible to corrosion or chemicals used for daily disinfection.

Saving water consumption in many ways

SCHELLelectronic faucets provide measurable savings in water consumption by an average of 60%, as they eliminate the waste of water that can occur, for example, when soaping hands or as a result of unknowingly leaving a faucet open. All of SCHELL's infrared solutions feature an optimal water flow rate, with a maximum of just 5 liters per minute, which guarantees sensible water management. Also recently added to the range are the economical faucets of the MODUS E series, which make it possible to meet the demanding criteria of building certification programs such as LEED and BREEAM. They feature a very low water flow volume of 3 l/min at the factory setting. This value can be further reduced to a minimum value of 1.33 l/minute by using a special aerator.

SCHELL XERIS E faucet with SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® module connected Bateria SCHELL XERIS E faucet with SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® module connectedBateria SCHELL XERIS E faucet with SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® module connectedBateria SCHELL XERIS E faucet with SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® module connected

SCHELL XERIS E battery with connected SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® module.


Intelligent water quality control

SCHELL electronic mixers are equipped with intelligent programs, such as automatic anti-stagnation rinsing and thermal disinfection. All functions can be set via the SCHELL SWS intelligent water management system. This solution makes it possible to network, program and monitor the operation of all electronic fittings via a central server. It offers the possibility of programming anti-stagnation flushing or periodic thermal disinfection of the system at regular intervals. This is important especially for facilities that are periodically out of service during shutdowns. An interesting complement to the SWS water management system is the cloud service - SMART.SWS. Thanks to it, service personnel can review the performance of the fixtures from anywhere and at any time, even in multiple buildings. SCHELL smart electronic faucets can also be programmed using a smartphone, thanks to a free app and the SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® smart module, which can be connected to SCHELL electronic faucets permanently or for programming time.

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