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Kitchen design. Durable and fashionable stainless steel faucets - 40 models for every interior style.

02 of June '21

Modern interior design elements - FRANKE fixtures in the spirit of sustainability

More than 40 models to choose from, including the latest Atlas Neo Sensor, Tango Ne o and Eos Neo. All are made of durable and fashionable solid stainless steel. Now you can find your favorite Franke faucet model more easily with a special online search engine.

Franke Eos Neo

© Franke

Wide range, easy choice

Hygienic, extremely durable and long-lasting, stainless steel has long been the material of choice for professional chefs, as well as architects and designers. The classic material has different facets, which are given by the type of surface finish. Brushed shimmers with satin, while black seduces with the depth of matte. Therefore, today it is safe to say that steel faucets are one of the strongest trends in the kitchen. What's more, the wide selection that Franke offers allows you to match the faucet to any taste and style of design - from country house through modern minimalism to metropolitan industrial. A big help in choosing the perfect faucet is a special search engine on the Franke website, which will guide us step by step through the selection process.

Franke Atlas Neo Sensor

© Franke

Functionality for every day, durability for years

Precision-made, top-quality Franke kitchen faucets have many useful features. They feature state-of-the-art aerators that give a compact laminar flow, without splashes or noise. Ergonomically designed mixer levers, pull-out spouts with shower function or WaterSaving heads that save water. And that's not the end of their advantages! All solid stainless steel models are extremely scratch and stain resistant and easy to clean. The material is seamless and non-porous, which prevents rust and scale buildup and makes it easy to keep clean. Full functionality, durability, hygiene... and to top it off, beautiful design. Can you ask for more from a faucet?

Franke Leda Neo

© Franke

Franke stainless steel faucets are cast entirely from this material, which guarantees their long life. That's why they are part of the increasingly strong trend of choosing quality durable solutions. And after their long life they are completely recyclable.

Findyour favorite model with the help of a special search engine for steel faucets here.

For more information, visit the company's Franke Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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