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Protection from rays and unwanted glances

28 of October '19

JASIEÑSKI has been cooperating with the German company WAREMA Renkhoff GmbH in Poland since 1991. The company's activities include the design, supply and installation of exterior and interior movable sunshades and their control - manufactured in accordance with the highest requirements of DIN and EU standards. Jasienski's many years of experience in the field of shielding techniques and qualified staff guarantee high quality execution of projects. The company offers high-end products, which are constantly being upgraded with the continuous development of technology.


Durable outdoor sunshades that allow individual control of illumination. The slats, which can be set at any angle, provide adequate illumination to suit any time of day. They can be positioned to let in light while blocking unwanted glances from the outside and protecting interior spaces from heating. All WAREMA facade blinds are CE marked and meet the requirements of DIN EN 13659.


They belong to the group of exterior material covers. The cover in awnings is acrylic fabric, Soltis or Screen fabric. The cassette and guides are made of powder-coated aluminum. Crank or electric drives are used to operate awnings.


They provide 100% professional protection from daylight and infrared radiation. These devices are most often used in the following rooms: lecture, conference and operating rooms. The material can be made of textile fabric or special fiberglass. These fabrics do not transmit light and are resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

- CONTROL - WMS, Wisotronic, Climatronic, Quatronic, LON and others.

Selected reference objects

  • Selgros supermarket in Warsaw Marsa street: facade blinds 68 m2.
  • Schindler office building in Warsaw: facade blinds 560 m2
  • Atut Rental Moryk/Warsaw office building facade blinds 115 m2
  • Arburg office building in Warsaw: facade blinds 490 m2
  • Amazon Goodman in Wroclaw: facade blinds 740 m2 and pergola type awnings
  • COMARCH office building in Cracow: shading devices 187 m2
  • Grzybowska 5 A office building: interior blinds 3000 m2
  • Astoria in Warsaw: straight and arched verticals and interior blinds
  • Many smaller private projects.

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