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Radiator innovation in the age of multifunctional devices

01 of September '20

Radiators not only for heating
From the series "Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - inspiration and solutions 2020".

A radiator is first and foremost a functional element of interior design - its role is clear: it is to heat rooms. But nowadays there are no more single-function devices, right? Phone calls long ago ceased to be the only role of the phone, the computer is often also a TV, and refrigerators filter our drinking water and make ice cubes. So can heaters do more than just heat? Certainly yes.

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Aluminum heater with silver ions will be great for a child's room


Functionality: fighting bacteria

An example of such a solution is an innovative product: an aluminum radiator with silver ions, which fights bacteria and other microorganisms. This is an unusual innovation on the Polish market. The KFA Armatura brand radiator is painted with AkzoNobel's special Interpon AM coating with certified BioCote® antimicrobial technology. This is an agent with active silver ions that prevents the proliferation and survival of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi.

Silver attracts bacteria: positively charged silver ions attract negative cells on an electrostatic basis. - explains Mariusz Ozga, a family doctor from Krakow. The active Ag+ ion then penetrates the walls of the bacterial cell, combines with proteins and simply destroys it. The cell disintegrates on a mechanical basis. Silver has a deadly effect not only on bacteria, but also on fungi and viruses. In this case, the ions affect the DNA and RNA of the cell. And that's why silver ions are worth coating various objects or appliances.

A heater with silver ions is able to realistically affect the state of the air in a house or apartment, and thus the health of its inhabitants. It can be found in any room and has a relatively large surface area, which in addition attracts microorganisms on an electrostatic basis. And remember that bacteria thrive best where there is heat, that's where they are most abundant.

Such a solution is ideal for children's rooms, for people with allergies or for public interiors, where there are many people and microorganisms are much more abundant.

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Aluminum radiator in matte graphite color


Functionality: an important element of interior design

Trends in interior design are changing, but certain styles have been around for many years. One of them is certainly the industrial style. It was inspired by apartments decorated in old factories. Huge space, high ceiling, concrete and raw finish - these are the characteristic elements of loft style.

Industrial style, loft atmosphere, grays and raw forms - this is a trend that has been very popular for several years, says Joanna Zapala, interior designer. To decorate an interior in this style, every element of the room counts. One ill-chosen one can spoil the entire arrangement. It is worth thinking meticulously about even the smallest details, from wall finishes to small accessories.

For lovers of such interiors, the KFA Armatura brand offers an aluminum radiator in matte graphite. It is a combination of design and functionality - the radiator no longer has to be just a radiator, now it can also be a decoration. It will give the interior a loft atmosphere, and thanks to its color and matte texture, it will perfectly fit into an industrial interior. And most importantly, it will perfectly fulfill its function, that is, effectively heat the room. Aluminum radiators are the most optimal choice in terms of thermal efficiency, because their power is greater than that of steel radiators of similar weight and dimensions.

For more information, visit the company's Armatura Kraków SA page on the A&B portal.

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