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Innovative sliding door with hidden frame - MB-SKYLINE Type R from Aluprof

09 of May '22

Spectacular effect of a glass wall - Aluprof sliding doors. From the series "Windows, doors, fittings, guards - trends 2022"

Large glazings are one of the most popular trends in modern construction. They provide good illumination of the interior, optically enlarge it and - above all - guarantee a great view of the house surroundings. Sliding doors of this type are supplied by Aluprof - one of the European leaders in the aluminum joinery industry.

A view of prestige

Large panoramic glazings are a symbol of comfort and luxury - they are a special decorative element of the room. They have become a permanent part of the appearance of the facades of not only office buildings or hotels, but above all of modern single-family houses and apartments. They create an atmosphere of relaxation, closeness to nature and security. Especially in the case of houses located in the midst of picturesque natural surroundings.

© Aluprof

The great advantage of sliding doors is that when the sash is opened, they do not take up space in the room. Exposure of the living room to the backyard garden by means of panoramic glazing will provide unfettered access to outdoor views, relaxation and improve well-being, as well as illuminate the interior and give the block a modern, original character," says Bożena Ryszka, Director of Marketing and PR at ALUPROF SA.

Thanks to their use, we can achieve a spectacular glass wall effect that blurs the boundary between the interior and nature around the building. The landscape outside, enclosed in elegant aluminum frames of large windows will complement the interior design, like the best painting.

Functionality and aesthetics

Aluprof's new proposal, MB-SKYLINE TYPE R, uses state-of-the-art materials, making the sliding doors at once lightweight, durable, easy to use and made of environmentally friendly materials.

The leaf of the door made on the basis of MB-SKYLINE TYPE R is hidden in the lower and upper frames. If you choose the variant with an actuator drive or locking on the post - the side frames also remain invisible. The frame itself has been designed to make the product as convenient to use as possible - so it is as shallow as possible and measures 23 mm. The width of the mullion has also been minimized and the visible sash joint is only 25 mm.

© Aluprof

Aluminum, which is used to make door leaves in the Aluprof MB-SKYLINE TYPE R system, is a modern, environmentally friendly material. The innovative solutions used in the product ensure the highest thermal insulation parameters for the entire structure. The thickness of the glazing is also important, which is why 3-glazing packages with a thickness of 52 to 60 mm were used. The surface actuator dedicated to the system is equipped with a radio receiver and safety radar, which allows remote operation of the mechanism. The door can be locked manually - with BT Lock hardware or on the mullion. Excess moisture is removed by a modern drainage system with a system gutter. Aesthetically pleasing slide seals can be used in the frames, which will further facilitate the use of the door.

The maximum height of MB-SKYLINE TYPE R doors is as much as 4 meters, and the moving leaf can weigh up to 700 kg! - Bożena Ryszkaemphasizes. - This gives the possibility to design spectacular glass walls," she concludes.

Despite the achievable large dimensions of the door, its slender structure gives the impression of lightness and delicacy, and the whole is almost a uniform glazing with narrow dividing lines, perfectly blending into luxury construction. Thus, Aluprof's new sliding door system combines spectacular design, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, safety and user comfort. They are perfect for modern projects where daylight and elegance play the most important role.

For more information, visit the Aluprof website.

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