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Even more possibilities. AQForm novelties and invitation to a meeting with the designer

09 of May '22

Can lighting delight? Definitely yes, especially when luminaires are no longer just a functional object in our interior, but also a decorative and expressive element. Two new projects by AQForm - the FLYING BALL collection and IKI - combine the most desirable features - technology, unique form and quality. We will be able to learn a little more about the latter soon. AQForm invites you to a meeting with IKI designer Andrzej Klisz on 18.05 this year. All you need is a cup of hot tea and ... the internet!

Flying Ball arc

© AQForm

Uniqueness and originality of form

This is not the first time that AQForm designers reach for curves. MODERN BALL is a collection of luminaires that has won the hearts of many. FLYING BALL, on the other hand, is a variation on the theme of spheres and the way they are mounted. This is the best choice for anyone looking for striking decorative lighting. Shades in the form of milky spheres refer to the classics of design, while "arms" in the form of perpendicular lines or symmetrical arches give the interior a unique character. The original body and several shapes to choose from combine timelessness with modernity.

Flying Ball suspended

© AQForm

IKI surprises with its form. This is a new design direction for AQForm, much bolder and based on complementary opposites. Like fire and water, like yin and yang. IKI is a harmony of parameters and opposite forms, which together form a coherent whole. The unusual shape of the fixture adds character and aesthetic boldness to the interior. With its avant-garde asymmetry, IKI proves that lighting is an essential part of the arrangement. The lighting manufacturer invited Professor Andrzej Klisz from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice to collaborate. The result of this cooperation is a luminaire that cannot be passed by indifferently.

Light requires an appropriate setting and going beyond the usual schemes. IKI is a perfect example of achieving harmony based on changing relationships," says Andrzej Klisz about IKI.

IKI suspended

© AQForm

Two versions of the IKI luminaire offer two approaches to light: a variant with directional LED light, which is ideal, for example, for strong lighting of tables and countertops, and an E27 version that emits diffused light to the entire room. In both cases, the characteristic openwork panels emphasize the light flowing around them. With its spacious form and carefully crafted details, IKI will be a distinctive element of any interior: from homes to hotels.

IKI - retail

© AQForm

Take part in a meeting with Professor Andrzej Klisz

Do you want to learn what IKI has in common with the Japanese fascination with beauty and balance? Or maybe you're interested in the ecological design of the latest lighting solutions - their form, material and the process of final shaping? Join the event and learn the story of IKI from initial sketches to the final version of the luminaire!

Behind every project is a person and his story. Several months of hard work. In the case of IKI - twelve. Whether it's a long time and the entire design process will be discussed by the designer himself - Professor Andrzej Klisz , as well as Paweł Olesiak, COO, and Mariusz Łęcki, Head of Research and Development at AQForm, who took care of the technical aspects of the luminaire. The meeting will be chaired by Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc (editor-in-chief of "Dobre Wnętrze", "M jak Mieszkanie" and magazines), who will also raise the issue of cooperation on the manufacturer-designer line.

Participation in the meeting is free of charge. Pre-registration is required due to limited seating.

When: May 18, 2022
Time: 11:00-12:30
Where: here

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