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Elegant and Decalu systems - the perfect solution - energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly

05 of December '21


At Deceuninck Poland Sp. z o.o.. we firmly believe in a hybrid future where aluminum and PVC complement each other. That's why we make it possible to seamlessly combine plastic and aluminum joinery in a single building project. The Elegant and Decalu systems are the perfect solution - energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly.
Windows and doors are durable elements of the building structure and, together with it, form an architectural element with a long life. The Elegant window profile system made of environmentally friendly recycled PVC material and the innovative Decalu series of aluminum window and door systems provide not only effective solutions for structural tightness and thermal aspects, but also a unique visual experience.

Elegant ThermoFibra
o wyglądzie naturalnego drewna

Elegant ThermoFibra with the look of natural wood


Technology in the service of tomorrow

The Elegant Infinity ThermoFibra series uses patented ThermoFibra technology to make windows lighter and stronger. This solution, pioneering on the market, involves reinforcing the sash with continuous bundles of glass fiber along the entire length of the profile, not just in fragments. The window achieves excellent thermal insulation parameters: Uf 0.93 W/m2K in the standard version, and in the variant combining ThermoFibra technology with Forthex thermal reinforcement in the frame - Uf 0.88 W/m2K!
Decalu's aluminum systems have been developed in accordance with the innovative SO EASY patent. This guarantees optimal insulating properties, significant production simplification, cost reduction and higher quality of finished products. Fewer components and easier assembly of structures significantly eliminate the likelihood of errors at the execution stage, which at the same time ensures that the technical parameters and high quality of Decalu systems are maintained.
Products within both series were created for functional, modern office and residential buildings with high performance.

w industrialnym stylu

Elegant in industrial style


Design in every dimension

Thanks to their slender lines, PVC products from the Elegant series can boldly go hand in hand with aluminum products from the Decalu family. The narrow rebates used in both systems and the glazing bonding technology used make it possible to build exceptionally large, yet stable and secure windows and terrace doors. Thanks to the optical increase of the glazing area, the amount of light let into the room increases, which affects the comfort of the user.
The unique and innovative design of the Elegant series has earned it many prestigious awards, led by the RedDot Award 2019, and most recently the title of Building Wizard of the Year 2021. Elegant allows you to easily select the geometry of the window to suit the style of the project (urban, industrial, classic or rustic), and50 different colors and veneer structures included in 4 categories (smooth, metallic, natural wood, wood in color) ensure a perfect match to the chosen style. There are 4 Elegant style lines to choose from: modernist Abstract, traditional Origin and minimalist Infinity in standard and ThermoFibra technology variants.

Najlepsze połączenie
technologii i wzornictwa

The best combination of technology and design


To extend the stylistic diversity to the classic version, the range already available has recently been joined by a sash with a new design - Elegant Grando, which can be combined with the existing 76 mm frame depth, as well as the new 84 mm frame depth. With its distinctive rounded rebate, it fits harmoniously into the most popular building styles and is therefore an excellent extension of the Elegant design range.
In addition to standard solutions, Decalu aluminum window and door systems can be used in new and revitalized, historic, industrial and even sacred buildings. Decalu products are distinguished by the absence of a visible gasket and a central seal (all gaskets are integrated into the profiles), as well as hidden hinges and an invisible drainage system. The limited number of components allows for simple installation, and reduces production time by up to half.
Decalu windows are available in five visual lines: Standard, Retro, Steel with an industrial look, New Steel with a modern twist, and Hidden, a series created for minimalist designs.

Ukryte zawiasy
i zintegrowane uszczelki

Concealed hinges and integrated seals


Windows with a view to the environment

As a leader in the industry's eco-revolution, Deceuninck has been investing in the closed-loop economy and setting new standards in sustainability for years. Deceuninck's PVC systems are fully recyclable, and the company's own plant in Diksmuide, Belgium, which has been in operation since 2012, recovers PVC by producing secondary material of the same high quality and stability as the primary material. The plant processes post-production waste, i.e., waste generated during window production, such as offcuts or chips, as well as post-consumer waste, i.e., among other things, windows from replacements of old woodwork.

Elegant and Decalu stand for efficiency and design. Fully visually and technically compatible - the perfect combination in a single building project:

  • full flush frame and sash profile from the outside,

  • rectangular glazing beads on the inside,

  • identical hardware groove,

  • comparable thermal performance thanks to a similar concept of thermal inserts,

  • matching color palette and surface finishes,

  • excellent performance parameters, including watertightness and wind load resistance.

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For more information, visit the company's Deceuninck Poland Sp. z o.o.. page on the PdA portal.

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