Kuryłowicz & Associates Sp. z o.o.

Architecture is a discipline involving the knowledge, imagination, fantasy, and worldview of the people who create it.

Not all projects that arise have a chance of realization, nor are they all created with realization in mind; however, those that manage to lead to full materialization are also an emanation of the personality of the people who must be able to maintain and guide through the reefs of problems, arrangements and contingencies the most important features that testify to the essence of the designed building and its architecture.

Such a team of people is not created immediately. In our studio, it was built by Prof. Stefan Kurylowicz (1949-2011) with the participation of Prof. Ewa Kurylowicz, actively engaged in parallel teaching architectural design and the design and implementation of architecture itself. Built over more than 25. years by teachers and their students, and then their common colleagues from Warsaw, but also sometimes from other cities and schools. This justifies the characteristic profile of our business based on research and on an analytical approach, on the search for ideas for each of our projects, solutions that are pragmatic but also unique.

The entire Kurylowicz & Associates team is united by a common approach to formulating the essence of each issue, solving it as a challenge and an opportunity to find the truth about the next piece of space, and then exposing those of the qualities of this truth that will help to live and understand life, here, but not only now, and with a view to the future as well. Always with the idea of improving the space - as much as architecture has the power to do.

We have the great privilege of working with clients who appreciate this very power of architecture and seek it with us. This kind of approach eliminates the division of architecture into commercial and social, rich and poor. Its expression does not necessarily depend on the investor's budget or the purpose of the building.

We believe that the key to acting in space is responsibility. On many different levels: artistic, consisting in the interpretation of the environment, the possibilities of the form, its expression, which should be appropriate and unique; scientific, consisting in a multifaceted approach to the task; engineering, consisting in the selection of specialists working together in different industries, creatively supporting the idea of the project; economic, consisting in the rational use of the entrusted budget and timely, based on keeping the work in the rhythm agreed with the client. We also participate actively in the construction process, offering our supervision, inspection and additional expertise.

Architecture created by us is part of the landscape of Poland after the changes of the turn of the nineties. Our ambition is for it to testify to the positive metamorphoses in our history, to the people taking risks in various difficult activities, which we accompany with our work, to the Polish identity and tradition with a contemporary language of solutions.

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