Mili Młodzi Ludzie

Mili Młodzi Ludzie is a design group founded in 2012.

Since then, our portfolio includes many projects of private interiors - houses, apartments, studios, as well as projects of public interiors: including a bakery with a cafe in Katowice - Lokal Bakery, revitalization of buildings of Rusalka recreation center in Poznan, or apartments for rent - Gallery in Poznan. We work with both individual and institutional clients. To the list of our most recent achievements we can add the interior design of the Consular Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Oslo and the office space in Royal Wilanów in Warsaw. We are currently expanding the scope of our activities to include cubic architecture. We are in the process of developing house projects. We also compete in urban planning competitions.

We have also designed products such as office lighting system, many types of furniture and lamps. These were usually created for specific projects, so that they fit into the context of the space we found.

A good knowledge of materials allows us to create original solutions, perfectly tailored to the investor's requirements. We always try to use all the existing assets of the space. We uncover the natural materials and elements of the building, adapt the owners' old furniture, use the qualities of the landscape.

Architektura & Biznes – articles

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