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Comprehensive solutions for your facility

01 of April '20

Comprehensive solutions for your facility

Modern and original - noble concrete is one of the most fashionable materials, increasingly chosen by designers and investors. Do you want to surprise your guests with elegant minimalism, inviting them to modern, stylish interiors? Explore the solutions available from Dasag, which will allow you to create a coherent and prestigious hotel arrangement.

Probet-Dasag is more than 30 years of experience in the creative use of the possibilities of fine concrete and in the consistent improvement of products. Specialized knowledge and modern machinery allow the company to adapt its offer to the changing needs of customers.

Floor tiles: stylish durability in interiors

Concrete slabs combine utility and aesthetic qualities, providing an exceptional finish for halls, corridors or other floors in common spaces. They are characterized by high resistance to static, dynamic, point loads and abrasion. A large selection of formats and patterns, in turn, allows you to create modern, stylish compositions. Precious concrete not only looks great - it is also extremely trouble-free in care. Your guests, surrounded by modern terazzo, will feel luxurious, and you will provide the facility staff with ease of cleaning.

Surfacing tiles: beauty with a guarantee

Design the space around your hotel to be its best showcase. All of the fine concrete products in the Dasag range are characterized by excellent resistance to weathering, are extremely resistant to mechanical damage, and are also extremely aesthetic.

Internal impregnation of all products in the production process and protection of selected series with an additional protective layer DASAG TOP SEAL ensures trouble-free operation on the outside of buildings. The range includes sandblasted (PRATO), polished (BELLO), structural (LAVE) and washed (LAGO) slabs.


Tidy elegance at every turn is one more manifestation of care for the image of the building. Thanks to the versatility of fine concrete, terazzo floors from the Dasag range can be complemented with additional finishing elements:

  • Exterior: stair blocks | terrain stairs | stair cladding | facade panels | exterior parapets | small architecture | non-slip pool tiles

  • Interior: interior stairs | stair facings | wall cladding | interior window sills

Or do you want to give the architect a free hand, and thus realize an unconventional project that will set you apart from the competition? Decide on the size, pattern and surface finish of the concrete! Dasag's wide range of solutions allows you to create a coherent, prestigious arrangement of your facility and ensure the highest comfort for your guests.

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