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Effective and efficient ventilation of apartments in a block of apartments - WT2021

03 of August '20

Recuperator with kitchen hood - a unit installed in the kitchen combines mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and hood exhaust. Placing the unit in the kitchen increases the use of space especially in small apartments. The ventilation unit is integrated into the kitchen cabinet, just like other home appliances.

It looks elegant, is invisible and easy to operate. There is still plenty of space left at the front for operation and maintenance, such as filter replacement. The solution is quiet and fire-safe, as well as energy-efficient.

The Vallox 51K MV is the best solution for apartments with 2 bedrooms or a small one with 3. The maximum living area is about 75 m². The amount of supply and exhaust air is also balanced during the defrost cycle. The recuperator comes standard with air filters: 2×ISO Coarse >75% and 1×ISO ePM1 >50%. Continuous air quality control is also provided by internal humidity andCO2 sensors. As a result, ventilation is also automatically controlled as needed. The unit has an energy class A rating. The air extracted from the kitchen hood passes through a heat exchanger. Special attention has been paid to the acoustic properties of the unit. Metal construction makes the Vallox 51K MV a fireproof solution. The electrical connection is made through a ready-made plug. Operation and maintenance of the recuperator is simple and fast.

Vallox 51K MV recuperation unit with integrated kitchen hood

Photo: © Vallox

Various control options

The Vallox 51K MV has several control options. The front panel of the inconspicuous kitchen hood is equipped with easy-to-use switches. The unit can be connected to a building automation system (via ModBus and KNX). This allows easy, centralized control of the unit. The unit can be regulated remotely.

Vallox 51 MV recuperator without cooker hood.

The Vallox 51 MV air handling unit without a kitchen hood is also available. The unit is only 349 mm deep and allows installation in a bathroom or toilet, for example.

Stylish cover panel for the Vallox 51K MV unit.

It is mounted on the recuperator door and adds a stylish and elegant look to the unit, no matter where it is located.

Vallox Captura kitchen hood

A unit compatible with Vallox 51K MV recuperators. The modern and simple kitchen hood with shielded front panel features clear switches. The smooth switch panel makes it easy to keep the hood clean. It does not have glass elements that are easily damaged. The cooker hood is equipped with an automatic damper. The standard width of the Vallox Captura is 600 mm, available in white and stainless steel.

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