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Elegant systems and Decalu series from Deceuninck

24 of November '22


Deceuninck offers solutions in response to current design trends. Minimalist profiles from PVC Elegant, developed within the framework of the closed-loop economy, are the perfect combination with Decalu's modern aluminum systems. Fully compatible visually and technically, they fit into any architectural design. With them, there is no need to compromise between design, high efficiency and performance.

A sustainable choice

Elegant's 100% recyclable PVC systems respond to market interest in an alternative or complement to aluminum products. Repeatedly awarded for design (including the prestigious RedDot Award 2019!), Elegant profiles fit perfectly into contemporary architecture. Elegant design and an exceptionally narrow rebate (even 7 mm) go hand in hand with excellent thermal insulation parameters - in thestandard version of the profile the heat transfer coefficient Uf=0.93 W/m²K, while with the use of the unique ThermoFibra technology (reinforcement of the sash with continuous bundles of glass fiber along the entire length of the profile) and Forthex thermal reinforcement in the frame Uf reaches up to 0.85 W/m²K! Elegant also offers the possibility of wide glazing packages up to sound insulation class 5.

Profile Elegant powstają z wykorzystaniem PVC przyjaznego środowisku i w 100% nadają się do recyklingu

Elegant profiles are created using environmentally friendly PVC and are 100% recyclable


Innovative technology

Decal's aluminum systems have been developed in accordance with the innovative SO EASY technology - significantly simplified construction compared to typical aluminum products eliminates the likelihood of errors at the manufacturing stage, involves lower production costs and simplified storage and production processes, all while maintaining the highest product quality. The profiles are distinguished by, among other things, concealed hinges, visually flat integrated seals and an additional outer seal, an invisible drainage system and a covered hardware groove, as well as an innovative termination baffle. Despite its exceptionally slim design, Decalu is a solution with high watertightness parameters (up to 2250Pa) and optimal insulation properties - in a system with an installation depth of 88 mm with a maximum glazing thickness of up to 71 mm, the Uw heat transfer coefficient is from 0.6 W/m²K.

Apartamentowiec w Bremerhaven spełnia surowe kryteria zrównoważonego rozwoju Niemieckiej Rady Budownictwa Zrównoważonego (DGNB)

The apartment building in Bremerhaven meets the strict sustainability criteria of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).


Wide range of possibilities

Elegant is 3 frame installation depths (76 mm, 84 mm and 115 mm) and 4 style lines of sashes, which can be freely combined thanks to the universal core within one iCOR platform.
Elegant Infinity - this is an unflanked sash with expressive shapes, with an extremely narrow rebate (as narrow as 7mm!). Also available in ThermoFibra version.
Elegant Abstract - a flush sash with a modernist, industrial design.
Elegant Origin - semi flush sash, ideal for renovations and new buildings in classic or traditional country style.
Elegant Grando - semi-sloped sash, fits most buildings with windows of standard design. Available with rectangular or rounded glazing bead.
With a choice of a rich palette of 50 different colors and textures (smooth, metallic, natural wood, colored wood), we can easily match the appearance, but also the geometry of the window to the architectural style (urban, industrial, classic or rustic). Thanks to the slim line and available modern foils in gray and anthracite colors, Elegant profiles can also be boldly combined with aluminum systems.
Decalu has the characteristic visual qualities of aluminum systems - the products within this series were created for functional, modern buildings with high performance.
The classic Decalu 88 Standard is a guarantee of timeless style.
Decalu 94 Retro created for stylized and rustic buildings.
Decalu 110 Steel for an industrial style.
Decalu 88 New Steel with a more modern twist.
Decalu 88 Hidden was created for the most minimalist designs.
With 5 visual lines and different finishes on the profile's surface, it's easy to find the right window look to match any design style. Each version of the profile can additionally be designed in InLine type, where the window sash on both the outside and inside is flush with the frame (frame and sash 97 mm deep).

System Decalu 88 został stylistycznie dopełniony kompozytowymi deskami tarasowymi Twinson

The Decalu 88 system is stylistically complemented by Twinson composite decking boards


Full compatibility

Compatible systems Elegant Abstract 76 and Decalu 88 Standard allow the realization of hybrid projects where aluminum and PVC complement each other stylistically. They provide a perfect combination thanks to:
- fully flush frame and sash profiles on the outside,
- rectangular glazing beads on the inside,
- identical hardware grooves,
- comparable thermal performance thanks to a similar concept of thermal inserts,
- matching color palette and surface finishes,
- excellent performance parameters, including watertightness and wind load resistance.

Profile Elegant ThermoFibra oferują doskonałą izolację cieplną, bez kompromisów w zakresie wzornictwa

Elegant ThermoFibra profiles offer excellent thermal insulation, without compromising on design


An investment in the future

Deceuninck has been investing in a hybrid, sustainable future for years - the Elegant system made of environmentally friendly PVC and the innovative Decalu series made of alumnium offered by the manufacturer are the perfect solution in terms of design, performance and budget. Suitable for both new projects and renovations, they make it possible to realize functional high-performance residential and office buildings.
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