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Tytan Professional foam adhesives: masonry, insulation, installation, insulation!

01 of October '20

Foam adhesives - versatile products from Selena
From the series "Paints, chemicals, insulation - innovations 2020"

Foam adhesives are a strong alternative to traditional mortars and mineral adhesives. They are suitable for masonry, laying thermal insulation and installation work. They have excellent adhesion and are easy to apply. They bind quickly and permanently. The use of foam adhesives extends the construction season and significantly speeds up the execution of work. Selena offers a wide range of innovative Tytan Professional foam adhesives dedicated to various construction applications, including the "60 Seconds" foam adhesive awarded with the TERAZ POLSKA emblem.

Selena's innovative products have redefined concepts such as masonry and insulation installation - creating greater opportunities for the efficiency and speed of construction projects.

Photo: © Selena

Fast construction for professionals

Why should you change your habits and choose Tytan Professional Foam Adhesives instead of traditional mortars and adhesives? Because these products have a number of unquestionable advantages:

  • speed of operation - in this field, foam-glue is unrivaled: in the fastest ones, the initial grip occurs as early as 60 seconds after application (e.g. Foam Glue 60 Seconds), and after two hours you can proceed to further processing, such as studding or sanding polystyrene boards;
  • versatility of application - foam adhesives are ideal for masonry (cellular concrete, ground ceramics), installation of GK boards, gluing EPS and XPS polystyrene foam or mineral wool. They also guarantee excellent adhesion to sheet metal, wood, tar paper, glass, bituminous membranes, PVC and many other substrates;
  • ease of application - foam adhesives are ready to use and, unlike traditional adhesives and mortars, do not require lengthy preparation (selecting proportions, mixing) and access to water or electricity, and their application is carried out without the use of traditional masonry tools (spatula, trowel, bucket, stirrer, etc.);
  • high efficiency - for example, one 1000-gram can of Tytan foam adhesive for plasterboard replaces a 25-kilogram bag of traditional loose glue;
  • clean and light work - foam-glue ensures clean workmanship (no dust, stains, dirt) and reduces physical exertion (it eliminates cumbersome transport of materials and carrying bags);
  • extension of the construction season - some foam adhesives can be used without loss of quality in the air temperature range even from -10 to +30 degrees Celsius, which significantly extends the construction season;
  • favorable value for money - practical tests prove that the overall cost (including the price of materials, transportation, labor costs and utilities) of using foam-glue is comparable to performing analogous work with traditional mortars.

application of foam-glue is carried out without the use of traditional masonry tools

Photo: © Selena

Universal and specialized foam-glues

Tytan Professional's range of foam adhesives includes both universal and specialized products. A product with a very wide range of applications is Tytan Professional Universal Foam Adhesive - available in a basic version and as Tytan Professional 60 Seconds Fast Universal Foam Adhesive. Both products should be permanently in the handy equipment of every builder engaged in finishing works. With their help we can install plasterboard and OSB, EPS and XPS polystyrene, mineral wool, glue coffers, moldings, thresholds sills, stairs. They are also perfect for masonry partition walls.

The choice between a standard type of product and a "fast" version of foam adhesive depends on the specific application and the contractor's preferences. If a longer adjustment time is needed, the standard option, which allows up to 15 minutes to change the settings of the elements to be glued, will prove better. If you want an instant initial grip, very useful, for example, when installing insulation layers on ceilings, you should choose Titan 60 Seconds Fast Universal Foam Glue, which grabs after a minute, and after three fully stabilizes the glued element.

© Selena

Another of this range of products - Foam Glue for plaster board is distinguished by the innovative 3D Control technology, which allows correction of the position of the board up to 20 mm in three planes (horizontally, vertically and in depth). Giving up gypsum adhesive and choosing Pianoklej for plasterboard, we can reduce installation time by as much as three times.

Insulation professionals will appreciate Quick Glue for Styrofoam IS 13 for its fast initial grip and adjustment range of up to 30 mm. Just two hours after application, you can start sanding and studding. The great advantage of foam-glue is its thermal insulation and sealing properties - using it for the installation and jointing of polystyrene boards, we can virtually eliminate thermal bridges.

In the case of load-bearing walls and masonry work carried out outside the building, Foam Glue for masonry will prove to be definitely better. It allows application even at a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius, which significantly extends the season of masonry work. In addition, it is characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties.

Among Selena's specialized foam adhesives is also a product dedicated to the installation of insulation (Styrofoam, mineral wool, XPS boards) of flat roofs - Roofing Foam Adhesive KDT 12. It has all the qualities valued in work at heights, where atmospheric factors are particularly noticeable: resistance to weather ing - the foam braid adheres immediately to the place of application; application at low temperatures - from -5 degrees Celsius; and high flexibility - the cured foam retains its properties for years, is resistant to UV radiation, does not erode, does not crumble.

do płyt G-K

Specialized foam adhesives Tytan Professional

photo: © Selena

Like Selena's other foam adhesives - KDT 12 has excellent adhesion, fast initial grip and solid bonding power (when tested for strength, it tears the polystyrene foam, not the cured adhesive).

Certainty of construction work

The times when polyurethane foam was used only for the installation of joinery are long gone. Nowadays, when we care about maximum reduction of construction time, versatile use of the product and professional technology, it is worth choosing a proven manufacturer. If we want to be sure of the final result and many years of durability, we should not take risks, but bet on a proven brand - such as Selena, which has 25 years of experience and has introduced the "foam-glue" category to not only the Polish market, but also to 100 other countries of the world.

For more information, visit Selena 's A&B website.

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