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Tikkurila Cozy Floor - a system for better indoor air quality

01 of October '20

Tikkurila Cozy Floor low-emission floor coating system
From the series "Paints - innovations 2021"

The Tikkurila brand offers Tikkurila Cozy Floor, a low-emission floor coating system that helps maintain good acoustics and indoor air quality. It has been developed for commercial and public facilities such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals and offices, where functional and durable solutions are required. At the same time, it is resistant to abrasion, impact or discoloration, so the floor retains its aesthetic appearance for a long time. It can also be tinted in a wide range of colors, allowing you to design a unique interior style.

A better standard of living with the Tikkurila system

The Tikkurila Cozy Floor system is a way to maintain a healthy indoor environment. It has an M1 classification for low-emitting building materials, which guarantees good indoor air quality. By reducing noise, it helps maintain proper acoustics in interiors. In addition, the surface painted with it is smooth and slightly matte, but also easy to clean, so it retains its aesthetic qualities for a long time. In addition, the floor protected by the Tikkurila Cozy Floor system is resistant to discoloration, cracks, impacts and natural wear marks.

Tikkurila Cozy Floor -
system poprawiający jakość powietrza

Tikkurila Cozy Floor


Types and components of Tikkurila Cozy Floor systems

Tikkurila offers two types of system:

  1. TikkurilaCozy Floor, allowing for a uniform matte finish,
  2. Tikkurila Cozy FloorMosaic, which can be used with decorative Mosaic Flakes.

Tikkurila Cozy Floor

Tikkurila Cozy Floor Mosaic


Fontefloor EP Primer

Fontefloor EP Primer

Proper layer

Temafloor PU Flex Color

Temafloor PU Flex Color


Mosaic flakes

Surface layer

Fontefloor PU Matt

Fontedur FL Matt

Both include the odorless, water-based Fontefloor EP Primer, which seals the concrete substrate, as well as the Temafloor PU Flex Color proper coat. In the Tikkurila Cozy Floor system, the UV-resistant Fontefloor PU Matt varnish with very good covering properties will be suitable as a top coat. It is available in a wide range of colors, which gives almost unlimited possibilities in interior design.

Tikkurila Cozy Floor – niskoemisyjny system powłok podłogowych © TIKKURILA

Tikkurila Cozy Floor Mosaic


Using the Tikkurila Cozy Floor Mosaic system, such as Mosaic Flakes, you can create a floor in original patterns that will decorate commercial interiors in an interesting way. Then, as a top coat, use a water-based tinting varnish for decorative floors, i.e. Fontedur FL Matt.

More information: Tikkurila Cozy Floor

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