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COOL-LITE XTREME and ECLAZ - modern glazing in the fight against climate change

02 of December '21

Conscious architecture, or modern glazing in the fight against climate change

The use of glass solutions, especially on the facade of office buildings or public buildings, has been very popular among architects for many years. Glazing affects the prestige of the building, enhances its aesthetic and functional qualities, and gives them a modern character.

Forum Gdańsk, fot.

Gdansk Forum


However, at a time when we have to face rapid environmental changes, another advantage of using glass in construction comes to the fore - its pro-environmental potential. What does it depend on? How can the right choice of glass help protect our climate?

No energy loss - in winter and summer

Studies confirm that the domestic construction sector is responsible for 38% ofCO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It is this greenhouse gas that is one of the primary sources of environmental deterioration. Hence, in an increasing number of architectural projects, in addition to the design itself, strictly aesthetic qualities or functionality, the principles of sustainable construction play an important role. In this context, the energy efficiency of buildings is very important. Thanks to innovative glazing, it can be effectively managed.

In 2019, the operation of buildings in Poland accounted for about 40% of the consumption of energy produced," says Monika Naczeńska, Marketing Manager of Saint-Gobain Glass. - When deciding to use glass solutions in projects, attention should be paid to their parameters related to low-emissivity or permeability of natural light to interiors, which really affect energy efficiency.

Wisher Enterprise
w Warszawie, fot. Saint-Gobain

Wisher Enterprise in Warsaw


An example? In the case of ECLAZ low-emissivity laminated glass in a double-glazed unit, the light transmission rate Lt is as high as 77%, which guarantees high access to sunlight indoors. As for thermal insulation parameters, its thermal insulation coefficientUg ranks at 0.5 W/m²K, while solar energy transmittance g is equal to 60%. This set of features allows to naturally illuminate and reheat the interiors, which directly translates into lower energy consumption of the building and less use of natural resources. This effect is particularly noticeable during the heating season. In turn, we will take care of the thermal comfort of users all year round and without unnecessary burden on the environment by composing low-emission glass with highly selective solar control glass.

When it comes to the thermal balance of a building, solar control glass also plays a major role in the context of optimizing energy consumption, explains Monika Naczeńska. - Because it has a low thermal transmittance, it protects rooms from overheating, while inviting plenty of daylight inside. As a result, without sacrificing bright, aesthetically pleasing spaces, we are able to provide users with the right temperature for optimal functioning, while also taking care of the climate - eliminating the need to install an energy-intensive air conditioning system in the building.

Foajen, Szwecja.Inwestycja otrzymała certyfikat BREEAM Excellent oraz WELL na poziomie Gold. Fot. Felix Gerlach

Foajen, Sweden. The project has received BREEAM Excellent and WELL certification at the Gold level.

© Felix Gerlach

An ideal example of such a solution is COOL-LITE XTREME solar control glass , coated with a triple layer of silver blocking up to 70% of solar energy, which is distinguished by the highest ratio of transmitted light to protection from solar heat. What is additionally important, the COOL-LITE family of glass is also characterized by a low level of light reflection and a neutral appearance, thus guaranteeing the highest aesthetics of the facade and providing users with the best visual experience.

The perfect design? Opt for modern technology!

Technical parameters very precisely define the properties of glass and its impact on the quality of use of interiors. The selection of appropriate glazing values, matching the conditions in a given location, is sometimes problematic. That's why Saint-Gobain specialists have put into the hands of architects an online application that allows them to simulate and appropriately select glass solutions for a specific project.

Mennica Residencew Warszawie, fot. Saint-Gobain

Mennica Residence in Warsaw


CalumenLive is an innovative solution dedicated to architects, engineers, as well as window manufacturers. The application is equipped with an extensive database of technical specifications for the glass on offer from Saint-Gobain. Thanks to it, we can easily determine light transmission, thermal insulation or other parameters affecting the comfort of users of a given space, choose the type and thickness of base glass, the number of coatings, determine the width of spacers and select the filling of the space between the panes. The tool is intuitive to use and allows to speed up the design process," says Monika Naczeńska.

Green means prestigious

Sustainable construction is not only about reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by introducing solutions to optimize the energy performance of buildings. It is also about minimizing the negative impact of components on the environment already at the stage of their production.

Our glass solutions, including COOL-LITE XTREME and ECLAZ, have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which describes in great detail the environmental impact of each of them at every stage of their life - from the moment a sheet of cullet is produced, through its subsequent operation, to the reuse of the raw material in the plant. Importantly from the point of view of investors and architects, the use of certified materials significantly increases the chance of facilities to obtain green certificates, such as LEED, BREEAM or WELL, which increase the prestige of the entire investment.

CalumenLive – proste
i skuteczne narzędzie w zasięgu Twojej ręki

CalumenLive - a simple and effective tool at your fingertips


On the way to achieving climate neutrality and zero-carbon buildings, it is necessary to pay special attention to the parameters of construction materials and skillfully adapt them to the specifics of a given project. High-quality glazing characterized by the best properties is perfectly in line with the principles of responsible design. Their use on the facade translates into the success of the entire investment and directly affects the improvement of the environment and the quality of life of people.

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