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Premium & Luxury Ventilated Facade Systems

27 of November '22

We are a company built by engineers with over 25 years of experience specializing in ventilated facades. We co-developed cladding fastening systems together with Erwin Steiner of Eurofox.

Material Offer:

SWISSPEARL Fiber-Cement Panels - Naturally Matured - Seasoned.

Swisspearl Group AG, is a leading European manufacturer of high-quality fiber-cement. Around the world, Swisspearl's innovative products and services create sustainable, aesthetically pleasing living spaces. A leader in innovation and technology in the industry.

Thickness: 8/12 mm. Usable dimensions max: 3050 x 1250 mm. Collections: CARAT, GRAVIAL, VINTAGO, VINTAGO-REFLEX, AVERA, REFLEX, NOBILIS, TERRA, PLANEA, ZENOR.

Swisspearl kolekcja TERRA

Swisspearl TERRA collection


COVERLAM Ceramic Sinters

Coverlam is a brand owned by Grespania, an international company dedicated to the production and distribution of products that are innovative in their properties and design. Continuous investment and uninterrupted implementation of the latest production and design solutions, as well as attention to the environment, have strengthened the company's position over the past 45 years as a global market leader.

Thickness: 3.5/5.6 mm. Usable dimensions: 1000x3000 / 1200x3600 mm. Collections: Monocolor, Concrete, Titan, Lava, Wood.

Swissperl kolekcja GRAVIAL

Swissperl GRAVIAL collection



ULMA Group is part of MONDRAGON, the world's largest cooperative group. ULMA's STONEO is a material that provides the same experience as natural stone. With its features, colors and textures, its solidity and beauty, as well as its strength and exclusivity. It is an absolutely natural technical stone of the new generation with many faces. In a word, its essence and sculpture.

Thickness: 14 mm. Usable dimension max: 900x1800 mm.

Swisspearl kolekcja AVERA

Swisspearl AVERA collection


BEMO Metal Roof & Facades

BEMO is a global brand composed of several strong independent companies. With subsidiaries and partners in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Singapore, it is represented worldwide with seven production facilities and numerous mobile production lines.

Formats max: length 8000 mm, trapezoid, wave, seam, panel. Material: steel, aluminum, titanium-zinc, copper, composite.

Swisspearl kolekcja CARAT

Swisspearl CARAT collection


KRION Solid Surface

Solid Surface composite of the latest generation, manufactured by SYSTEMPOOL, a company owned by Porcelanosa Grupo. KRION™, exceptional properties: no pores, antibacterial without the use of any additives, hardness, resistance, durability, ease of repair, minimal maintenance and ease of cleaning is the perfect base for creating exceptional facades.

Thickness: 12 mm. Max format of a single panel: 16 m².

For more information, visit the company's KUPIS ELEWACJE Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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