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New dimension on design and construction level

01 of April '20

SWISSCDF - a new dimension on the design and construction level in the field of residential and public interiors. Swiss quality, more than 50 years of tradition and experience in the production of panels and wood-based products - this is a guarantee of reliability offered by SWISS KRONO holding.

Offered by SWISS KRONO - natural, wood-based, black-colored, high-density HDF board (>1000 kg/m³) through its structure and refinement with a multilayer coating of melamine films, provides new opportunities for the design of residential and public interiors.

What distinguishes SWISSCDF?

  • stability, uniform and compact structure
  • moisture resistance in the case of laminated boards
  • low-flammability
  • various surface structures, colors
  • resistance to abrasion and scratching
  • resistance to staining and chemical action
  • resistance to water splashes
  • high hygiene class.


SWISSCDF is particularly recommended as a structural element of furniture / objects where durability and surface strength are required, such as.: in designer interior finishing: high-quality dressers, wall joints, open shelving, in rooms with increased humidity (with possible water splashes, without constant contact with water andnot in standing water) fronts of kitchen and bathroom furniture, cabinets in sports and wellness centers, as well as as partitions in sanitary facilities, in storefronts: fitting rooms, carcasses of high-end store furniture, and as a decorative element, when milling inscriptions, logos, ornaments and 3D effects, using 3-D equipment, thanks to the colorful multilayer structure.

Unique design and durability

Thanks to the colorful multilayer structure of the board in SWISSCDF, it is possible to mill, cut, for example, inscriptions, logos and other elements. State-of-the-art laser and CNC technology supports creativity without limits.

SWISSCDF boards come in a wide range of uni, woodgrain, fancy and metallic decors, meeting the highest design expectations.

The requirement for "flame retardancy" often limits the choice of materials. Raw SWISSCDF board is non-flammable and has a fire classification of B-s2, d0, according to EN 13501. Laminated SWISSCDF board is flame-retardant and has a fire classification of C-s2, d0.

As a result, this product has many possible applications.

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